Friday, March 21, 2014

MOXI Brushes

Are you on the look out for well made yet affordable brushes?
I'm one of those people that don't purchase brushes all that often as I firmly believe you shouldn't have to.
If you buy good quality brushes, take good care of them there is no reason to constantly repurchase - well unless you are building your collection etc.

Well MOXI Brushes could just be what you are looking for...
Why? Well not only are the brushes really well made, attractive to look at (black with rose gold accents) but they are fairly affordable considering the quality. I was sent the entire brush line to put to the test and a few brushes have sneaked into my daily routine.

MOXI Brushes

MOXI Flat Top Angle Brush £13.50
An angled synthetic brush that has been designed for precision. First of all this is a really dense brush which results in a flawless finish when buffing on liquid or cream formulations, although dense it is beyond soft and entirely gentle on the skin. Typically I use this for buffing in thicker formulated liquid foundations into the skin as the angled tip makes tricky areas such as the nose light work. It does work beautifully with liquid and cream blushes particularly those that are strongly pigmented for a lighter finish. A great all round face brush for liquid and cream products.

MOXI Brushes

MOXI M1 Goat Hair powder brush £13.50
I have to be truthful and say that compared to the other brushes this is not as soft - it is in no way harsh or rough for that matter but not as gentle as the synthetic versions. This is a great brush for loose powders as the slightly dense brush hairs pick up a good amount of powder with minimal product fall out. I wouldn't recommend this brush for blush use unless you are hoping for a really pigmented finish as this brush does pick up quite a bit of product. The dense brush head is perfect for dabbing on loose and pressed powder and as it is large in size it makes the job all the quicker.

MOXI Brushes

MOXI O1 Taklon Foundation Brush £13.50
Another super soft but dense brush that works perfectly with liquid and cream products. It has been designed with foundation in mind to create a streak free, flawless finish and as the brush head is on the smaller side it works well in those tricky areas - the side of the nose, under eyes and so on. Personally I have been using it to apply under eye concealer as the brush is so soft and gentle on such a delicate area. It also works wonderfully with liquid highlighters and cream bronzers to sculpt and highlight.

MOXI Brushes

MOXI X1 Angled Eye Liner Brush £8
This is the only brush that I could't get on board with but that is due to my lack of skill not the quality of the brush. The idea is that the angled eye liner brush allows you to get into the eye with ease and with a closer approach. I think in the right hands this could be a great time saver, until then I will simply have to practise, practise, practise.

MOXI Brushes

MOXI I1 Double-Ended Brush £12.50
If you purchase one brush from this line, let it be this.
On one end you have a small flat shader like brush which can be used to pack on eyeshadow or for concealer. The other end is a small round angled brush head which again can be used for concealer and eyeshadow - I like to use this to apply eyeshadow to my crease before blending out with a blending brush and for concealer I use it to target blemishes. This is a super soft brush that blends out both powders, cream and liquid formulations with ease.

You can find the entire MOXI Brush line here - link.

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