Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Green Tomato Leaf Candle

A tomato scented candle? Really?
Yes really and it is so much more that and far more wonderful than you could initially imagine.
I know I'm not alone in saying that if something is a little less conventional in scent or design when it comes to beauty products sooner or later I'm going to have to try it. Much like a cat curiosity nearly always gets the better of me. Life is too short not to be inquisitive which leads me to Jo Malone's Just Like Sunday Green Tomato Leaf Candle...

"Glasshouse tomatoes. Earthy, leafy and full of sunshine. Crisp with stem-green galbanum. Lively with artemesia, fruity with cassis, resting on a cushion of moss. Tangy and evocative."

Does Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Green Tomato Leaf Candle smell like tomatoes? In a word no. 
If you grew up like I did with green fingered grandparents this will remind you of days spent in a greenhouse not quite understanding the logistics of everything but enjoying the herby, green leaf smell. 
You may imagine this candle exudes a ripe or even a rich tomato fragrance (I initially anticipated an Italian tomato pasta sauce scent which frankly would be bizarre) when really it is fresh, uplifting and very green.
If you have ever visited a hothouse or the botanical gardens this is what it reminds me - fresh leaves.
My grandmother says it reminds her of a rain forest...I hasten to add that she's never visited such tropical lands but don't let it be said that the Sunday household doesn't have a vivid imagination.

I'm on this whole let's cook everything from scratch kick (effort) and I have found Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Green Tomato Leaf Candle to be the perfect candle to not only light while cooking but to pop on the dinning table for a little ambience. Fancy huh?

Jo Malone Just Like Sunday Green Tomato Leaf Candle £39.00 via Jo Malone - link

- This post contains a press sample.