He-Shi Self Tanning

With the weather some what taking a turn for the better (I've probably jinxed us all, sorry!) you may be thinking of shedding a few layers and perhaps reaching for the self tanner?
Well what better time to share my love for He-Shi, one of the easiest and natural self tanners out there.

As an ex-dancer I have tried just about every self tanner out there from mousses, liquids, sprays, butters and all that is in-between. For years I swore by the St.Tropez range which I do still adore but find the mousse can be a little drying and their other offerings a little tricky to work with especially if pushed for time (a.k.a I'm lazy). By sheer luck I was introduced to He-Shi tanning products and have to say that I have used little else since. Although I am currently without it I can not gush enough about how much I adore He-Shi One Day Tan - a quick and easy to use tinted gel tanner that gives a natural light olive glow to the skin that is waterpoof (rain, sweat but does wash off in the shower). Think Rimmel Sunshimmer but 100 times better. I swear by it for nights out or days when my skin needs a little extra colour - I'm quite yellow toned so sometimes I do look ill when I'm not. Fun.

If wash of tanners aren't your thing you may like He-Shi Express Liquid Tan which is a tinted (a light brown not green like St.Tropez et al) liquid tanner which bronzes the skin within 8 hours. A lot of guide colours in self tanners can look ridiculous until you have washed it off but the He-Shi version isn't crazy dark or bizarre in tone meaning you can apply it during the day, go about your businesses and rinse off at night for a flawless mid toned yet natural olive tan. It doesn't stink nor does it transfer onto clothing or bedding making it perfect for all us who can't live without a faux glow! As it is tinted in my opinion it is hard to go wrong - you can see where you have applied it so the chances of it streaking or you missing a patch are slim. 

Oh but it gets better if used with a daily moisturiser and body scrub I can easily achieve up to 5 days of perfect wear from each application. I have been trying out the He-Shi Exfoliating Body Wash and Soufflé Moisturiser (buy get one free over on Feel Unique) and have found it to work a treat with the tanner. The body wash has a bright berry scent that I rather enjoy but fragrance aside the formula works well with the tanning products as it soaps to remove any excess tan or guide colour and gently exfoliates the body keeping the colour looking natural and fresh for as long as possible. I have to be honest and say that I wouldn't purchase the He-Shi Soufflé Moisturiser again as although a lovely light and quickly absorbed product I didn't find it to be much different from a typical body lotion.

You can find the entire range of He-Shi tanning products via Feel Unique - link