Gym Class Heroes

Confession time, gym bunny I am not.
Don't get me wrong I do drag my sorry behind every now and then but I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I made a serious habit out of or enjoyed it for that matter.
None the less I do pack a mean gym bag if I do say so myself...

This post isn't about what I take in terms of clothing but hello new Nike Free Runs+ 5.0 (find them here - link) which are quite possibly the most comfortable trainers I have ever wore. Much like my earlier admission states I am no expert but if you do decide to treat yourself to a pair of Nike Free Runs you may want to go up a shoe size as they are really narrow...that or I have exceptionally fat feet? My other snippet of advice if you could call it that is don't just blind buy a sports bra under the illusion "it's stretchy, I'll make it fit", measure yourself to ensure it is a snug but comfortable fit to keep those fun bags well supported ha! Again mine is Nike and was bought via JD Sports - link.

Second confession of the day I don't use the gym showers. I'm shy like that and I live just over a mile away from the gym so I like to jog *cough walk quickly cough* both there and back to warm up before attending the gym and then as a post work out cool down. I do of course shower and cleanse thoroughly once home. If I'm heading to the gym and not coming straight from home there is a good chance that I will have make-up on which I have to remove, I can't stand the feel of sweat and make-up on my face and without judging I don't know how you glamour-pusses can work out with a full set of lashes on. Kudos to you. At the moment I am using Bioderma's Solution Micellaire Water (find it here - link) to remove the bulk of my make-up and to freshen up before walking home. I do wear a lot of eye make-up and don't find Bioderma does the job all that well so I do like to quickly use Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover (find it here via Boots - link) as it removes every little scrap of make-up and is as cheap as chips. Before leaving the gym I do quickly spritz my face with La Roche-Posay's Serozinc to soothe and some what cleanse my skin. I always find keeping a good hair brush and hair tie in my bag along with a refillable clean water bottle to be must haves. 

Taking a leaf out of my younger brothers book I do spray on liberal amounts of any Victoria's Secret Body Mist in which ever scent I have to hand before walking home and of course showering. I don't pack any make-up as I don't really see the point - I look a hot (as in too warm not sexy), sweaty, red mess no amount of mascara is going to mask that. 

Do you have any gym tips and tricks?

- This post contains a press sample (the trainers) the rest was purchased by myself.