Thursday, March 20, 2014

Carolina Herrera 212 Surf Eau de Toilette

Carolina Herrera 212 Surf Eau de Toilette

Today I was lucky enough to be introduced to the new Carolina Herrera 212 Surf edition Eau de Toilettes over breakfast and knew that as soon as I got home I had to share my thoughts on the female version. You know a fragrance is a must have when you spend the entire bus journey home sniffing yourself with gusto. Yes I am that guy and unashamedly so!

Carolina Herrera 212 Surf Eau de Toilette

In secondary school I had a friend who always wore the original Carolina Herrera 212 fragrance and as I deemed it her signature scent I never as much as picked up a bottle to investigate - the original or the sexy version. I'm a little bizarre like that if I associate a scent with a certain person I will stay well clear of it - nothing worse than a huddle of friends all wearing the same fragrance! Anyway there is reasoning behind my trip down memory lane - did you know that all Carolina Herrera 212 Eau de Toilettes are two dinky 30ml bottles, rather than one large spray? I sure as heck didn't, the great thing about this is that you have lots of product (60ml) but as the bottles are smaller they travel so much easier. Genius. While I am on the topic of packaging both the Carolina Herrera 212 Surf Eau de Toilettes feature tropical, almost Hawaiian inspired prints which beautifully capture the scent held within.

Carolina Herrera 212 Surf Eau de Toilette

As you may have imagined with this being a "surf" inspired collection both the scent are somewhat aquatic as it has been inspired by sea, sun, sand and fun. It's fresh yet fruity with what I detect are hints of pink grapefruit combined with aquatic notes. To me it reminds of a bright sunny day on a warm beach with a fruity cocktail in hand - it is all things summer and somewhat similar to Clinique Happy in Bloom. On a rainy day like today it really is a welcome addition to my handbag!

The Carolina Herrera 212 Surf Eau de Toilettes will launch on the 31st of March.

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