Friday, March 28, 2014

A Little Scented Candle Shop Haul

A Little Scented Candle Shop Haul

Technically this isn't a haul as I was asked to pick some items to feature but I couldn't really think of a better term. Any way as it is now officially Spring I decided that my home needed some bright floral candles and trinkets to spruce the place up, here is what I choose in the end...

A Little Scented Candle Shop Haul

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, they instantly brighten up not only a room but also my day so when I saw that Yankee produce a limited edition Tulip fragrance I quickly added it to my basket. Truth be told I'm not a massive floral fan when it comes to scents as they tend to be overly synthetic but in this instance I find it to be true to form. It has a mild floral fragrance that is very akin to real Tulips and is the perfect fragrance for burning in the afternoon or warm weather.

A Little Scented Candle Shop Haul

Being a home fragrance nut I had to try out a few wax tarts from Colony Candles which is a brand I was not familiar with up until recently. Oddly I settled for two floral scents (what can I say I am having a Spring fling) and was not disappointed. I choose Midnight Iris and Freshly Cut Flowers both are bright, fresh floral scents that are pleasant but a little synthetic. What I will say is that the scent throw is wonderful - I tested roughly a quarter of each tart and the floral scents filled the entire flat which is pretty impressive. I would definitely pick up a few more tarts from Colony Candles in the future.

Lastly I decided to order a few decorative plates all of which are floral and from the Yankee Lavender range. Truthfully I feel they are too pretty to just place a candle on so I am looking for a more creative way to display them. Perhaps I could hang them on my dinning room wall or is that a little chintzy? I also picked up a beautiful votive holder which is again from the Yankee Lavender line up, for change of £6 it looks so much more expensive in person which is never a bad thing is it? 

You can find everything I mentioned here - link.

What would you purchase from the Scented Candle Shop?

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