Lots of exciting snippets of beauty news today...

I didn't really think out my photo collage all that well this evening so excuse me for one of my images being slightly out of order. While snooping on twitter I noticed that a few attendees to a Sleek Make UP press event (I believe it was for Superdrug's HQ?) and noticed that there was a new palette. At least I think it is new? The Sleek Make UP Del Mar Palette
(image credit @CharlDeCarle on twitter) may well have been created specifically for such event but here's hoping it will be launched later this year?

One thing that is certain is a new brow product from the brand - Sleek Make UP Eyebrow Stylist which looks set to be a cheaper alternative to the now infamous Hourglass brow pencil.

A new floral fragrance from Anna Sui - Anna Sui Sui Dreams in Pink which is said to be dreamy, romantic and containing notes of pomegranate, peony, magnolia, pink freesia, raspberry, cherry and water lily making it perfect for the upcoming Spring.

Rita Ora for Rimmel
Rita Ora for Rimmel

On March the 19th Rita Ora for Rimmel launches which features five Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balms as well as twelve shades of Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish. This may not be new news to you but today is the first time that the full colour range has leaked online.

Fans of the best selling Moroccan Oil formula for hair may be pleased to know that come the 1st of April a range of nourishing body products from the brand will be hitting the UK.

Lancôme will introduce a new foundation - Lancôme Teint Miracle (£29.50) on the 12th of February. It is said that this foundation contains low-density 'Miracle Particles' which contain micro-perforations allowing air to flow freely which are 25 times lighter than traditional powders. In turn this allows the new Teint Miracle to diffuse twice as much light, offering sheer radiance and luminosity all the while being naturally matte. I am rather intrigued.