Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends

A problem that many of us suffer from right?
What if I told you that there is a shampoo and conditioner that combats both problems that won't break the bank? You'd immediately put them top of your wish list of course!

Well if that is the case the brand you should be seeking out is Lee Stafford who offer an oily roots dry ends duo which cost £8.99 per bottle but more often than not go on offer in Boots. Less on the cost and more on what the dream team actually does! Not only does the Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp removing both product build up all the while the added Moringa Seed Extract otherwise known as Miracle Tree - which is a multi-tasking ingredient that fights excess oil and helps keep hair clean and fresh for longer. Unlike other deep cleansing shampoos I can truthfully state that this does not dry out my hair and is safe enough to use a few times a week if needed. The conditioner on the other hand is a luxuriously thick formula that has been designed to nourish those pesky dry ends. Personally I do find that I have to team it with a good dollop of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner to treat my ends but do keep in mind that my hair is nearly waist length and crazy thick so others may find this conditioner more than suffice.

I know what you are thinking it is only shampoo but I do feel that when I use Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends Shampoo I can prolong the gap in-between hair washes (doesn't that sound gross, I promise I shower daily) and typically can go three days without my roots looking greasy which wasn't the case before using the shampoo. The Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends Conditioner on the other hand I can leave, sure it is intense enough for most hair types but sadly my dried out hair cries out for a little more moisture - the shampoo however I give a huge thumbs up and urge you all to check it out.

You can find the Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends range via Boots - link

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