Thursday, February 13, 2014

Miller Harris Perfumer’s Library Collection Engraving

Miller Harris Perfumer’s Library Collection Engraving

Calling all those who have yet to purchase their beloved a Valentines Day gift and happen to live in London - today from 1pm to 8pm Selfridges have on site engraving on any bottle of perfume from Miller Harris Perfumer’s Library Collection which is exclusive to the store.

Miller Harris Perfumer’s Library Collection Engraving

I was kindly sent a bottle of Miller Harris La Feuille which is a unique Chypre fragrance meaning it contains both fruity and green notes.It has been inspired by the change of seasons with notes of hearty oak leaf, earth moss and a compote of red berries all of which combine to form a fresh but comforting scent. In my opinion it has all the crispness we associate with Spring yet it is warm and inviting like the Summer and Autumnal months. It is one of those rare fragrances that will be appropriate all year round as well as being utterly original - I test scents all year round and have not experienced anything like this.

Miller Harris Perfumer’s Library Collection Engraving

Back to the in-store engraving which is done by hand - I had no idea that this was the case I always assumed it was done by a machine so the fact it is done in person adds a little whimsy and old school charm to the process. To look at my engraving up close you would never assume that it was done by hand that is how well and precise the etching is. My bottle of course says The Sunday Girl but if you manage to pop along today you can have whatever you wish emprinted on your bottle.

To see what scents are available within the Miller Harris Perfumer’s Library Collection and read more about the notes visit here - link.

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