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Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation Review

Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation

Do you have a special occasion foundation or is that plain weird?
One that is maybe slightly pricer than you like to admit or difficult to source?
Here is mine...

For me it is Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation that is rather difficult to track down in the UK, I don't know of any physical stockists meaning unless you have purchased this before it is a case of blind buying your shade online which I'm not personally a fan off. I wear the shade 127 in the winter months and 140 in the winter and flit between MAC NC30-35 in the winter and NC37-40 in the summer depending on where I have visited etc. I first bought a bottle last year while visiting Florida and since then I have been lucky enough to have friends and family visit the States and purchase me the odd bottle. Let's just get this out the way...this was totally a Kim Kardashian inspired purchase. I heard and read it was her choice of foundation and like most bought into the hype. Does it give me poreless, flawless skin? Nah but I'm guessing that the obscene amount of money Kim K spends on facials et al is the true secret behind her seemingly perfect skin but don't over look this foundation. It is nothing short of wonderful.

Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation

Nothing is perfect and my main gripe with Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation is the inbuilt pump. First of all kudos to Make Up Forever for including one but it could be better - it leaks product, it dispenses more foundation per pump than I need and at approx £30 a bottle waste is not something I want - heck if it was £3 I still don't want waste! That aside I have no other complaints about the packaging or otherwise.

Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation
Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation

Now on to the formula of Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation - a light almost watery texture that doesn't suggest that it will offer great coverage but boy it does. Officially it is noted that this is a medium coverage foundation but in my opinion it is closer to being a full coverage without being heavy on the skin. This is one of the few foundations that I have found offers flawless coverage in a full proof way. You can apply it with your fingers, a sponge, a brush or even a beauty blender the end result is always the same - smooth, natural, semi-matte finish that covers most if not all skin faults. The finish is semi-matte and very natural - it doesn't leave the skin looking flat or mask like but it can be built up in needed without caking or again looking heavy. Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation won't nestle into open pores, fine lines nor will it cling to dry areas and as it is a silicone based formula those with normal to dry skin won't require a primer. It is worth mentioning that being a HD product this has been created with cameras in mind meaning it is perfect for flash photography without the dreaded flashback effect hence why I keep it for special occasions.

If bought at Sephora it works out to be £25 ($42) and £32 via Guru Make Up Emporium - link which is quite the mark up but hey sometimes needs must.

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