Madame La La Tan in Light

I'm always harping on about the pitfalls of being blonde, I promise it isn't all doom gloom but one problem I have incurred along the way (along with having brow shade dilemmas) is finding a good self tanner. One that doesn't leave me orange or look bizarre with my golden locks. Sometimes blonde hair and self tanner can be troublesome but drawing inspiration from the ever beautiful Scandinavian blonde bloggers who have what I'm assuming is a natural tan, I have tried just about every self tanner out there and found one that all fellow blondes must try...

I try to be safe in the sun (not that Glasgow sees much of it) as I know how damaging it can be but the truth is since lightening my tresses I have become a little washed out and need a faux boost of colour. Something light in colour and formula that is quick and easy to use, enter Madame La La Tan in Light. A quick and foolproof self tanner that will have you give you that light Scandi glow in as little as three hours. It's quick and easy to use with a guide colour to prevent streaks and patchy areas and being a mousse it dries almost instantly. Not sold yet? Well if treated carefully (regular exfoliation and moisturising) one application can last up to eight days.

Madame La La Tan in Light is of course a more subdued and natural tanning option which I find is perfect for the winter months - it adds a hint of colour that warms the skin and stops me from looking washed out. If you prefer a deep tan this may leave you disappointed but if you are fair skinned and find self tanners to be a little cumbersome this is a great option for you. Don't be put off if like myself you aren't typically pale as it does inject some colour - I liken it on my skin tone to the last few weeks of a deep tan when the tan lines begin to fade but you aren't quick as pale as normal (what can I say I have a way with words).

If all other light self tanners have let you down I truly recommend giving Madame La La Tan in Light a whirl, you can find it via Fenwicks for £36/200ml - link.

- This post contains a press sample.