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Bourjois Mega Liner in Dark Black Review

Bourjois Mega Liner in Dark Black

The beauty world has time and time again demanded a blacker than black liquid liner that stays put no matter what the day may bring and is not to hard on the ol' pocket.
Well my friends it seems Bourjois have heard our pleas and answered with Bourjois Mega Liner holy smokes is it good!

Bourjois Mega Liner in Dark Black
Bourjois Mega Liner in Dark Black

Although the packaging is fairly basic (there's only so much you can do when it comes to eyeliners) I rather enjoy how the pen has been moulded into a curve to rest comfortably into the hand for ease of use. The Bourjois Mega Liner also has a certain weighted quality which again makes it a joy to apply. Yes this is a felt tip liquid liner but what sets it apart from others is that the nib is chiselled so you can create a number of different looks - turn the pen on its side for a super thick line or turn again for a more delicate and precise finish. The slanted edge is also a dream for marking and creating the iconic cat flick we all wish to prefect.

Bourjois Mega Liner in Dark Black

Now on to the formula which frankly blew me away - it truly is black no hints of grey or blue just straight up true black and doesn't demand several coats to do so either. I guess you would expect that from a product with the shade name Dark Black non? On first application when the liquid is still wet it does have a glossy finish but it quickly dries down to a solid matte effect. Once dry it really does stay put, now I'm not claiming this is waterproof and neither are Bourjois but when caught in rain a few days ago it did not stream down my face...I wish I could say the same for my mascara. It does state on the Bourjois Mega Liner packaging that it can wear for up to twenty four hours (ain't nobody got time for that) which may be the case but as I remove my make-up daily I can't contest this to be fact. What I can say is that it wears true for at least 10 hours (normally the longest I have make up on) and when swatched on my arm and left for a day it was still there the following morning when I went to shower it off. As this is a fairly stubborn eye liner I do recommend removing using an oil based eye make up remover.

Bourjois Mega Liner in Dark Black £7.49 via Boots - link
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  1. This sounds great! I'm needing a eyeliner that lasts up to around 10 hours and doesn't smudge! ♥


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