Kai Travel Kit

Last week I was away from home for a few days and seized the opportunity to finally test out the beautiful Kai Travel Set I was gifted late last year.

Legend (okay Cult Beauty) has it that the founder of Kai, Gaya Straza, was inspired to create a fragrance to capture the scent of Hawaii while relaxing on the tropical island. Such fragrance can not only be bought as a stand alone item but can also be found in all the brands bath, body and home products. Celebrity fans are said to include Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Bo Derek, Winona Ryder Naomi Watt, Kate Bosworth and many more.

Let's talk a little about the fragrance shall we? A light, clean blend of Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Lily and Cucumber that although floral it mellowed out by strong green notes that remind me of fresh, cut grass. I've never been to Hawaii but I can imagine that it has a scent in the air that is a blend of salty sea water, fresh flowers and of course the lush green landscape. Does Kai encapsulate that? You betcha!

Although travel sets are wonderful for their intended purpose they are also a great way to introduce yourself or a loved on to a brand. In the Kai Travel Set you receive mini bottles of: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Bathing Bubbles, Body Lotion coupled with a vial of Kai Perfume Oil. So what are the stand out products? For me it is the shampoo - a light but deep cleansing concoction which won't strip the hair but does remove any product build up. Couple this with the moisturising body wash and a quick slather of the hydrating and luxuriously thick conditioner and you won't feel the need to wear perfume and yet still smell glorious. I realise that is is a bizarre statement but Kai Bathing Bubbles would be a divine addition to a summer evenings bath (I'm now quoting Shakespeare's Mid-Summers Night in my head) when you want something lightly fragrance yet super bubbly!

The scent of Hawaii in Glasgow? Now your on to something.

Find the Kai Travel set and all other Kai products via Cult Cosmetics - link

- This post contains a press sample.