The Long Hair Care Post

Not long in length (well any more so than normal) but all about how I care for my long hair...

Let's begin with shampoo and conditioner, bluntly put I won't spend a fortune as I go through at least a bottle of conditioner a week. I'm sure some hairdresser types will tell me that I use too much but you try pulling a comb through long wavy dry hair without it! I wash my hair around 3 times a week - sometimes more sometimes less, I just go with the flow and aim not to over wash. Generally speaking I do try to find silicone free formulations as my hair stays cleaner longer and doesn't feel as weighed down - that's not to say I can't be tempted by new releases etc. At the moment I am using the Herbal Essences Silk n Shine duo which I did purchase for a stroll down memory lane. The old style of packaging reminds me of being a rosy cheeked youngster in primary school when Britney Spears launched her film Crossroads and of course was the face of Herbal Essences. Back they you weren't cool if you did use Herbal Essences, turns out the brand is pretty great and the new silicone free formula ticks all the boxes. It cleanses my hair without being stripping and allows me to get around 3 days out of a wash and the conditioner is a super thick hydrating formula. Lovely.

I should mention that I wash my hair with whatever shampoo I have to hand and before I apply my normal conditioner twice a week I deeply condition. Longer hair normally equates to drier ends and the only thing that works for me other than messy coconut oil is Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, I slather this on my hair from the top of my ears down, leave for around five minutes and wash off. I then follow up with a normal conditioner, my hairdresser told my that by doing so you are sandwiching in moisture and getting the most from both formulas. I'm not sure of the exact science but it really does work - you may not need to do it as often as I do but if your hair is really dry give it a go!

Next is my least favourite beauty task in the world - de-tangling my long, thick hair ugh! To make it a little easier I spray on a leave on conditioner - the King is Unite 7 Seconds Leave in Conditioner but I've rand out. A good and marginally cheaper option is the Aussie Leave in Conditioning Sprays which come in a selection of options for various hair types. I spray on, leave for a few minutes and then begin the thankless task of de-tangling with a wide toothed comb and then a tangle teezer for wet hair - The Aqua Splash. If you swim a lot or have problems getting a comb through wet hair invest in an Aqua Splash it will save you a lot of time and pain.

I don't blow dry my hair - I like to let it air dry to minimise damage but of course that is not always possible. If I know I will be subjecting my hair to heat I will mist it with L'Oreal Professionnel serie expert Hydra Repair Spray which is not only a heat protectant but it helps to repair any existing damage. The cool thing about this spray (which was recommended by my hair dresser) is that it targets the areas of the hair that needs it most without weighing the hair down or leaving it sticky. It is pretty pricey in saloons and the likes of Sally's but I get mine from Cool Blades for £7.60 - link.

Once a day I ensure that I brush my hair with a cushioned paddle brush as doing so massages the scalp, promoting blood flow which in turn promotes hair growth. If I tie my hair up I use a non-marking hair tie such as Pop Bands which come in lots of different colours and look much better than a typical hair tie when popped on my wrist. I have the Pop Bands in the Paris collection which the brand donate 10% of the sale to Ovarian Cancer Action throughout March - linkIn the evening I go a little retro and tie my hair up using a scrunchie before going to bed. Okay they don't exactly scream cool but they won't damage your hair meaning you can toss and turn without getting trapped in your own hair (it is me) while channelling your inner 90's child. 

And that is all folks, if you have any hair care tips for longer hair I'd love to hear them in the comment section below.