Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

I was a little surprised to learn that Tom Ford's Black Orchid launched way back in 2006 - I'm pretty sure that if you ask most to name a Tom Ford fragrance this would be the one that springs to mind.
I did go through a phase of wearing Black Orchid but grew tired of the heavy scent so I am a little excited to see what its spin off by any other name Tom Ford Velvet Orchid has to offer.

The new version which launches later this year is said to be just as glamorous and as bold as the original but is rumoured to be more floral based. I'm living in hope that it is a little softer and perhaps better suited to day wear. Notes are said to include velvet orchid, rose oil, jasmine and purple orchid. What ever way you look at it I'm pretty sure that it will smell unlike anything else and instantly become a staple scent for many.

I do think that Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is going to be a feminine offering unlike Black Orchid which was essentially unisex.