Jo Malone Rain and Angelina Cologne

Launching in March is four new and limited edition fragrances from Jo Malone forming the London Rain collection...rain and Jo Malone? It doesn't get more British than that my friends.

As a Scot I am more than used to the rain, in-fact I rather like the rain. In my mind there is nothing more soothing than listening to huge rain drops while lying in bed and the scent of the ground after a storm will forever be one of my favourite fragrances. It seems deep down we all like rain to some degree and with that in mind Jo Malone has created four limited edition colognes all based on such weather condition which will launch in March 2014. 

Each fragrance in the Jo Malone London Rain line up has been created to capture a different setting and mood using rain as inspirations. The four new colognes are as follows: Rain and Angelica, White Jasmine and Mint, Wisteria and Violet and Black Cedarwood and Juniper. Rain and Angelica is the scent I was lucky enough to receive which has been formulated to mimic early morning dew with fresh notes of rain water, fresh lime, angelica and vetiver. It is truly beautiful - a light, fresh aquatic floral which is perfect for those who like a clean and gentle scent with lasting power. White Jasmine and Mint has been created with afternoon showers in mind, perhaps some grey clouds and a rainbow in sight? This is achieved using notes of fresh mint, heirloom jasmine and mate leaf. There is also Wisteria and Violet which mimics gentle morning showers using notes of water lily, wisteria, violet and patchouli. Lastly there is Black Cedarwood and Juniper which is of course the night version and perhaps based around the comforting sound I earlier mentioned. This is achieved with the notes of cumin, chilli leaves, juniper and cedar - this of course is the most intense offering out of the quad and perhaps could double up as a unisex scent?

I for one can not wait for March to come around to pick up the other three scents, what could be more fitting for upcoming April showers than wearing a rain inspired fragrance?
- This post contains a press sample