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The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Cover Girl

The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Cover Girl

I didn't expect to enjoy The Hunger Games novels half as much as I did nor did I think I would be so excited to see the movies but here I am. Truthfully I don't really find the film adaptations to be as fast moving as books but I digress (what's new) sadly this year The Hunger Games Catching Fire have teamed up with Cover Girl rather than China Glaze and that means many of us will be left in the cold.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Cover Girl

Now don't get me wrong I actually applaud that the collaboration is with Cover Girl rather than a pricier brand as this will make the products more accessible but annoying Cover Girl is not stocked world wide. Sure the UK has it's sister brand Max Factor but I can't see that branch rolling out Hunger Games products - it wouldn't be all that fitting. Hey ho that is life and I guess those who really want to get their mitts on some of the Cover Girl products can scour the likes of eBay and Amazon.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Cover Girl

If you do happen to have access to Cover Girl I highly recommend checking out your local stand as not only do the products look great but they are affordable. Admittedly the nail polishes do in some instances remind me of a rehash of last years shades but there is also nail stickers and the entire collection has been split into twelve looks with individual products- one for each district.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Cover Girl

Even if you can't easily shop the products in real life I do suggest having a browse of the Cover Girl website as the promotional images are truly stunning and may be fun to re-create. My personal favourite has to be the fishing district look.

Have you seen Catching Fire yet?
If so what did you think?
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  1. I saw just came from it. It was better than Hunger Games, but not the greatest film ever. I wasn't a fan of the abrupt ending (just like I don't care for abrupt ending in novels). I was just really getting into the games and then BAM it's suddenly over and so is the movie.

  2. I LOVE the hunger Games, the books kept me captivated for all of four days (un-put-downable!) and I am so excited about seeing Catching Fire. I am loving the way that Cover Girl have followed the themes of the Districts.

  3. Oh wow! what a nice surprise! The colours are absolutely stunning, I am so glad they have teamed up to create and represent the diff district with make up colours!!
    I love the hunger games alot more than I had expected just like you. I am so excited to watch the movie and have a look at the colours in store.
    Thanks for the awesome post, I am so excited now, District 3 looks amazing

  4. Love how the collection has a look for each district!
    The movie was amazing, big fan of the books :)

  5. Ohhhh the site and the time laps are so cool!!!
    I think my favourite distict colours come form the 7 and 8 :)
    No, I haven't seen the movie yet, it will take a bit to arrive in my little province (but I'm excited)...
    Have a wonderful day

  6. I wonder how long this collection will be stocked for, i'm guessing it'll be long gone by the time I get to the US in May :-(

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  7. I love the nail polish colors. I think I'll have to pick one or two up the next time I'm at the store.
    And I definitely saw Catching Fire, and I loved it! The Hunger Games is such a great story.

  8. I love Cover Girls outlast nail polishes. They are one of my fav brands whether high end or drug store.


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