St Ives Hydration Sprays

Not so long ago Vaseline launched a range of spray on moisturisers which I really do enjoy because I am very lazy when it comes to body moisturising and as I don't have dry skin I don't really need much of a helping hand - the novelty factor also accounts slightly for my love too. Well if American blogs are anything to go by St Ives will be launching their own range of spray on body lotions very soon and hopefully within the UK too.

Unlike the Vaseline versions the St Ives versions are set to more fruity with hints of grapefruit, coconut and more. Yum! They are also said to be free of parabens and very, very light. Basically they have taken the Vaseline spray on concept refined and improved it. I for one really hope they make it to the UK before next summer as I can not think of anything better for taking on holiday to hydrate my skin after a few hours of sun.

If you have already tried the St Ives Hydration Sprays do spill! Are they just a gimmick or worth a purchase?