This is a test post of sorts but rather than simply writing "test" I thought I'd share something worth while.
Basically my feed has stopped refreshing and sometimes to fully re-ping it the best thing to do is post a new post. I won't pretend I understand it all but one thing I can say is that Blogger is often the main cause for many a headache of mine!

So yes onto the post and less blogging woes. A fan of Diptyque (who isn't?) and fancy an exclusive fragrance? Well head over to Liberty and check out the new, limited edition and of course exclusive candle scent that is Diptyque Insolite which has been inspired by the many aromas and fragrances found in curiosity cabinets and eclectic boutiques, the fragrance is a rich blend of warm and cold spices, delicate leaves, petals, and invigorating zests that create a multi-faceted and emblematic home scent. Doesn't that sound whimsical?

Adorning the candle’s packaging is Liberty’s Needingworth and Peacock prints which have been intertwined with Diptyque’s Paladin and Basile motifs to celebrate the brands unison and of course create something unique and utterly showstopping.

I have far too many candles but this really is calling my name...

You can find Diptyque Insolite at Liberty's for £45 here - link