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Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

(From left to right, top to bottom)

We have reached that time of the year where those nearest and dearest are all but demanding a Christmas wish list in order to have some sort of idea of what we would like to see under the tree come Christmas morning. Truthfully I am being a little annoying this year and refusing to provide a list and have asked for surprises which aren't make-up based but if money was no object here is what my heart desires...

1, A few days ago I watched Patsy Kensit on the Paul O'Grady show and she was of course chatting about her newly released autobiography "Absolute Beginners", she came across as bright, witty with a tale or two to tell which places her book top of my to read list. You can find it on Amazon for £10.30 - link.

2, Okay so no make-up this year but my candle obsession is out of control...well almost. I recently received a mini Diptyque Baies Candle in a goodie bag and I have to same it may replace my beloved Figulier as a firm favourite. It reminds me of Autumnal fruit and is truly delicious at £40 I am hoping Santa delivers as my bank balance is feeling the Christmas shopping pinch at the moment.
You can find it via John Lewis for £40 - link.

3, My beloved Filofax has taken quite a beating over the last few years and what better way to replace it than with a bright neon pink version. This way it will be easy to spot in my bag or anywhere else I may place it and as it is real leather in theory it should be easy to wipe clean?
You can find it here for £60 - link.

4, I'm slowly but surely becoming one of those who could spend hours browsing the home ware section of any shop. I like clean and crisp designs all the better if it features an animal print so this Wolf Duvet Set from By Nord is right up my street - the price not so much. I'm somewhat justifying this in my mind by pretending that I could dig this set out each winter as some sort of bizarre tradition?
You can find the Wolf Duvet Set from By Nord via John Lewis starting at £117 - link

5, Will and Grace fans as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer viewers may recall the now infamous sushi pyjamas that two of the lead characters wore in the hit show? Well I have finally found the stockist for the super cute Sushi pyjamas that my heart as sang for since I was a child. I warn you now at just shy of £55 (not including p&p) these don't come cheap but who can stay mad at a set of pyjamas that comes complete with an eye mask?
You can find the Sushi PJ's here - link

6, I really, really like Michael Kors bags they are well designed with great structure and offer a little taste of a designer label without costing the earth. I have the Micheal Kors satchel in neon pink which I give a lot of love but I'm hoping to gain a more every day shade be it tan, brown or black in the coming months even if Mr Claus doesn't deliver.
You can find a selection of the Kors Selma model via Harrods starting at £315 - link

7, I have a confession I am obsessed with the new John Lewis Bear and the Hare advert admittedly I watch it on mute (sorry Lily...well not really but it's nice to be nice). Obsessed.
So much so that I have already purchased the Bear and Hare soft toys as well as the alarm clock but what I really want is the Bear and the Hare mug in a tin. As I don't drink anything warm I imagine myself sipping hot tomato soup from it on a cold winters evening...ah bliss.
Sadly this is out of stock at the moment otherwise I'd have snapped one up but you can be placed on an alert list (come join me ha!) here - link

8, Last but not least I really fancy a new watch and at the moment I think you would be hard pushed to find anything cuter or better priced for that matter than the Olivia Burton Woodland Hummingbird Bracelet. It is rose gold, features a beautiful humming bird design and is simply elegant. Oh how I want it.
You can find the Olivia Burton Woodland Hummingbird Bracelet here for £65 - link

Now that I have got all my selfish desires out in the open I really should get to work on general gift guide posts. What is the one thing you hope to wake up to this Christmas?

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  1. Ooh, I now have an overwhelming desire to pick up that mug. John Lewis really hit the nail on the head with bear and hare.

    Naomi from NaomiGabriella

  2. Even I have been drooling over super-scented candles and Sushi pyjamas...Would pick em up.. :))

  3. So I am not the only one who hates Lily's voice in that advert! Great picks, I have Baies on my Christmas wishlist, it smells divine!

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  5. The mug is so cute, could be a great gift to get someone. I love Lily's voice in the advert though

    Grey Walls

  6. I need that john lewis mug haha!

  7. Oh my gosh! I need to get that mug... I love the advert too :)

    Laura x

  8. I love the John Lewis advert too, as soon as I saw it I went to the website and was so disappointed that almost everything was out of stock! xx

  9. Love the duvet set - stunning!
    My Christmas wish list is short.
    My beloved pony is not well and hasn't been for 7 weeks.. we're taking him to horspital (seewhatididthere) on Thursday for a bone scan and MRI. My Christmas wish would be for him to be well enough to be able to go out in the field on Christmas day to have a run about with his friends, get covered in mud and munch some grass instead of being cooped up in a stable.
    My ultimate Christmas wish would be for him to be SO well that I could take him for our annual Christmas day walk into the village. (my god i'm choking up - but he is cute - white and fluffy!)

    Other than that, anything else is just lovely, especially nail polish. I'd love some of the Vinylux CND polishes.. But yeah, mainly pony face to get better - it sounds selfless but it's utterly selfish - I want to stop worrying and losing sleep constantly. :)

  10. Love your picks! The hummingbird watch is on my Christmas list also :)

  11. May have put my email down for that mug......!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  12. I love getting socks for Christmas! It sounds so boring, but I really appreciate it!

  13. Olivia Burton watches are beautiful :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  14. Im so excited for christmas! i just posted a christmas list on my blog too hehe!

  15. Some fab things on the list there. I only recently brought a filofax but it was in pink so I definitely agree with your colour choice. I'm off to Bicester Village next week and I will be heading to the Kors store straight away - we'll see if I make a cheeky early christmas purchase for myself.


  16. How I love your wishlist, especially that cute and adorable mug, I'd love to have one :)
    I am going to write down my Christmas wishes too for my friends to see, LOL.
    Happy Holidays!


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