Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Toni & Guy's Spa in the City Glasgow

Toni & Guy's Spa in the City Glasgow

Toni & Guy's Spa in the City Glasgow
Toni & Guy's Spa in the City Glasgow

Yesterday the lovely folks at Wahanda set up a nail appointment for me at Toni & Guy's Spa in the City Glasgow and I plumped for Calgel overlays. Regular readers will know that I do have a regular nail lady in Lia from Swoon Room but every now and then it is nice to see what other places locally have to offer.

The Toni & Guy Spa in the City is located in St Vincent Street Glasgow - the top floor of the Toni & Guy Salon to be precise. Now this is where I sound ungrateful when I'm really not but I'd rather be 100% honest than have someone visit the salon via my recommendation and be let down. First of all let me stress that the spa is well kept, hygienic tiny but well presented and the staff couldn't be nicer but the fact that they have no allocated space other than a few tables in the hallway for the manicure one of which is directly outside the lift you get out to get to the spa is a complete and utter let down. I felt in the way, especially since my seat blocked the entrance to one of the treatment rooms. Having a manicure in the open is fine if that is what you signed up for and I feel that nail bars in shopping centres all have their place but you expect a certain degree of luxury, tranquillity and dare I say it privacy at a spa non? At £35 you don't want to feel like you are getting in the way of those who have paid a small fortune to unwind. Yes the spa is tiny but I think they have to find a dedicated room for such procedures or scrap it all together as you can get the same service else where for less.

Like I said nail station spacing woes aside I can not fault the service the manicurist really took her time to ensure that I had the perfect deep wine nails I set out to achieve and was really gentle - if you have ever had a rough nail experience you will know how crucial this is. My nails were buffed, filed and beautifully painted in around 45mins in total which includes three coats of my chosen shade, all layers cured with a UV lamp and the most glossy clear Calgel top coat you can image. If you are new to Calgel basically it is the same concpet as Gellish, Shellac and all other cured nail treatments - each polish is set on the nails with UV lighting to ensure that you have a hard wearing polish that can easily survive a fortnight plus. Unlike acrylic this feels light on the nails yet strengthens the natural nail and allows it to both breathe and grow. I'm personally a huge fan of Calgel and love that it means my hands are always presentable...I chip nail polish like nobody's business. 

Would I get my nails done again at Toni & Guy Spa in the City? Yes if they changed the nail station placing but I would recommend the spa for all other beauty treatments as it does seem to be a tranquil setting with decent prices speaking of which Wahanda offer up to 50% off. If you are on the look out for a beauty treat in the lead up to Christmas I highly suggest searching Wahanda for your chosen treatment and see if you can save a little or a lot. I've just booked into my local salon for Shellac nails for £8...kerching!

I was gifted the nail appointment and treatment for free but as you can more than likely tell my opinion was entirely truthful and my own. I was not paid or asked to write this post.

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  1. I love this colour! Sounds like a great place.


  2. Thats pricey? Did the currency converting and thats a pretty normal price in Australia.

  3. @loose threads yeah £35 is pretty expensive in the UK for shellac only - I pay £30 for calgel extensions. I've heard Australia is pretty pricey though? I saw the whole Illamasqua thing, campaigning for lower prices.

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