Yesterday like a complete loon ball I began to panic.
Panic is of course a normal emotion but in regards to a make-up collection not so much?
The evening before I managed to snag the three lipsticks that I lusted after from the MAC RiRi Fall via Debenhams and felt oddly elated. A few hours later they launched the cheek products and the following morning around 8am one of the eyeshadow palettes all of which ended up in my virtual shopping basket.
However I was without the second eye palette that I somehow decided I could not be without, I kid you not when I say I called Debenhams and genuinely tried to get them to sell me an item that was yet to be launched. Pretty low and deprived considering the MAC website would launch the collection in its entirety a few hours later. 

For the record I did snag said palette but it has left me wondering why we have all and I'm talking fully grown women in their twenties acting like lovesick teenagers that must have a part, however tiny of their idol. What makes it so odd is the fact that this is the same women (myself included) that don't agree with Rihanna be it her music or lifestyle choices in the slightest. In fact most of us deem her gaudy and tactless yet here we are trying to sell our Granny for a MAC lipstick. It makes no sense, none at all, it is beyond comprehension.

I have come to the conclusion (it is the only way I can sleep at night ha!) that it is due to clever marketing, that it is the first extensive MAC celebrity endorsement of this kind and the fact that most of the women that purchased items from the collection happen to be die hard MAC fans like myself. Also it doesn't hurt that the products in said collections (not just the Fall/Autumn line up) feature great wearable shades but in all honesty anything that RiRi puts her name to should in theory have me recoiling in terror not mentally memorising my credit card numbers so I can beat the online queues. 

Would this make-up concept (four collections from one celebrity) work with any other starlet?
I can't say it would, in early 00's Britney would have killed it but I think we all have to admit that Rihanna has somehow pulled off what should have been rightly impossibly and for that (even if she gets on my nanny goats) I applaud her and eagerly await my newest MAC goodies to arrive. Damn you RiRi, damn you to hell.

Now has anyone heard any rumours of the 2014 collection...I wish I was kidding.