Friday, October 04, 2013

The Power of Rihanna or is it MAC?

Yesterday like a complete loon ball I began to panic.
Panic is of course a normal emotion but in regards to a make-up collection not so much?
The evening before I managed to snag the three lipsticks that I lusted after from the MAC RiRi Fall via Debenhams and felt oddly elated. A few hours later they launched the cheek products and the following morning around 8am one of the eyeshadow palettes all of which ended up in my virtual shopping basket.
However I was without the second eye palette that I somehow decided I could not be without, I kid you not when I say I called Debenhams and genuinely tried to get them to sell me an item that was yet to be launched. Pretty low and deprived considering the MAC website would launch the collection in its entirety a few hours later. 

For the record I did snag said palette but it has left me wondering why we have all and I'm talking fully grown women in their twenties acting like lovesick teenagers that must have a part, however tiny of their idol. What makes it so odd is the fact that this is the same women (myself included) that don't agree with Rihanna be it her music or lifestyle choices in the slightest. In fact most of us deem her gaudy and tactless yet here we are trying to sell our Granny for a MAC lipstick. It makes no sense, none at all, it is beyond comprehension.

I have come to the conclusion (it is the only way I can sleep at night ha!) that it is due to clever marketing, that it is the first extensive MAC celebrity endorsement of this kind and the fact that most of the women that purchased items from the collection happen to be die hard MAC fans like myself. Also it doesn't hurt that the products in said collections (not just the Fall/Autumn line up) feature great wearable shades but in all honesty anything that RiRi puts her name to should in theory have me recoiling in terror not mentally memorising my credit card numbers so I can beat the online queues. 

Would this make-up concept (four collections from one celebrity) work with any other starlet?
I can't say it would, in early 00's Britney would have killed it but I think we all have to admit that Rihanna has somehow pulled off what should have been rightly impossibly and for that (even if she gets on my nanny goats) I applaud her and eagerly await my newest MAC goodies to arrive. Damn you RiRi, damn you to hell.

Now has anyone heard any rumours of the 2014 collection...I wish I was kidding.

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  1. I did laugh at this a bit, I can't say I'm Rihanna's biggest fan - loathe her might be more appropriate to say, but I absolutely love her Mac collections. xx

  2. I second this. I'm really not a fan of Rihanna, but I was out first thing this morning to get my hands on the Her Cocoa quad. The Mac at Spitalfields market still had quite a few bits left when I went this morning.

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  4. I brought RiRi Woo (a perfect red), Heaux (always love a nice purple) and the lustre drops because I like liquid highlighters. I have, however, not even any of her other releases a second look because of the hideous cheap looking rose-gold plastic. If I'm paying £15 for a perfectly dupeable product, I've found dupes for all the RiRi bits I brought, I expect it to look like I spent £15 not £2.99 in superdrug.

  5. I loved the fact both collaborated, but i really think we all praised it too much. The packaging wasn't big deal and the lipsticks were all matte in every collection. I think they should have changed it a bit. I do like the other things though. xx

  6. Where you writing htis as I was emailing you? loool I think it'smore the way MAC did this celebrity endorsement than anything else. I don't agree ir disagree with Rihanna ( hey shes only human not a doll) but theres no denying her makeup is flawaless and the lippies are gorge!!!

    1. Haha yes! You helped inspire this post ;)

  7. I think I was more sold by the rose gold packaging - which honestly could possibly be worst. I got one of the eye shadow palettes and I don't think I will love it when it arrives but I was caught up in all the hype. I even put a reminder in my phone! haha

  8. You're so right! I was up at the crack of dawn checking mac's website and refreshing their page 2 times a minute (I'm not even exaggerating). I'm a die hard mac fan, and i like rihanna but im not in any way a fan girl. I just think the shades are gorgeous and the packaging is just well... to die for! So excited to get my goodies delivered!

  9. The reason I haven't bought any of it is because it's Rhianna! As tempting as the colours may be, I can't stand the woman.

  10. I hate Rihanna and have no desire to own any of this collection. I hate the packaging but the shades of the lipsticks and eyeshadows are really really pretty...I just can't make myself buy anything with her name to it....gosh I sound awful :(

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  11. I must admit I totally forgot about the launch yesterday then it hit me what the day was and quickly opened up the mac website to find everything was sold out at 12pm! So i quickly checked debenhams and house of fraser and picked up two items.. I was a sucker for the rose gold packaging I must admit. I love Riri's music, it's what 's on the radio and what most of my friends and i listen to so it really depends on music tastes.. but i was so happy and excited to have mac and riri collab!

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  12. I don't give a hoot about Rihanna, but the more I read about Riri Woo, the more I wanted it. I have a bunch of red lipsticks but nothing so matte or cool-toned, and I knew it would be flattering on me, not to mention great for the upcoming holidays. With a Nordstrom gift card in my pocket, I just thought, "why not?!" So that's why I went for Riri Woo, even though I could have gotten Ruby Woo any day of the week - Riri Woo is just a little more special and a bit more fun as my first MAC lipstick, and a gift card (aka not real money, hehe!) purchase at that.

  13. I like Rihanna but the reason I bought the RiRi Woo lipliner was because I needed one (from MAC of course) and it was the perfect shade. I like the buzz around these collections more than the actual collections themselves and will often buy based on reviews from other bloggers rather than the celeb endorsement. Emma.x

  14. This is soo well written! I think it's both the power of MAC and Rihanna. I'm not even a big Rihanna fan but I would LOVE having that lipstick they brought out!

  15. I think in this case it is majorly down to great marketing and the celebrity endorsement. I mean yes, we all love MAC, but Nicki Minaj had a collection with them and somehow it doesn't have the same effect to 'look like' Nicki as opposed to 'looking like' Bad Gal Riri *rolls eyes* Great post thanks :)


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