Indie Lee Skin Care UK

Prepare to be impressed not only is there a new skin care line that is completely natural now available within the UK that truly works but the woman behind the range is truly inspiring too. Let me introduce you to Indie Lee - the brand and inspiration. Indie Lee created the skin care line after surviving a life-threatening brain tumour that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit. As a result she created an eco-friendly namesake collection. Each product is comprised of the finest all-natural ingredients all the while being luxurious and offering top notch results. Am I a fan? You betcha...a fan girl to some degree too!

Indie Lee Skin Care UK

Can we get a hallelujah for at long last there is a naturally sourced spot buster that actually works! Indie Lee Blemish Lotion is a talc-free product that is essentially a drying lotion which treats acne and blemishes. It reduces redness, irritation, and inflammation and goes to work quickly. To apply I simply take a cotton bud dip it in the lotion, apply to the affected area (after cleansing before bed time) and tah-dah the spot is either completely gone come morning or reduced greatly. I kid you not when I say this will bust any blemish within 48hours without being harsh on the skin or resulting in scarring. One tiny bottle will last you forever and ensure that troubled skin is a thing of the past.

Indie Lee Skin Care UK

What is Squalane? Up until last month I would have said a cutesy name for a pet squirrel but as a matter of fact Squalane is naturally present within our skin however production starts to drop after the age of 26 (gulp) and can lead to signs of ageing (double gulp). Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil aims to top up our natural supply which in turn will improve the skin's elasticity, evening out the skin and boost the cell regeneration and oxygenation, it is of little wonder that those in the know are dubbing this 'natures' facelift'! Indie Lee Squalane Facial oil is derived from olives, one ingredient pure and simple to allow it to have the closest molecular structure to human Squalane which results in it being easily absorbed into the skin.

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil is unlike any other oil I have used to date, first of all it contains only one ingredient which should agree with even the most sensitive of skins can get on board with as well as the most concerning of shoppers. Secondly it is so light that it instantly and I mean instantly absorbs into the skin. How many facial oils can you say truly let you apply make-up straight after? Yep next to none and yet Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil allows you to do so with no slip or slide just the perfect dose of hydration for your skin. As many will know I have oily skin that doesn't require a lot of moisture and my sister has rather dry skin and we have both used this and can happily report that it works equally well for both skin concerns. In my experience it hydrates without overwhelming or clogging the pores, it smooths, soothes and brightens and others have reported that it has faded age spots. If you are in your mid twenties this is the perfect step into anti-ageing products that you can use from here on out.

Yep I'm a fan, natural and effective - what's not to like?

Indie Lee is exclusive to A Beautiful World* within the UK,
you can find the entire range here - link (£14-£85)
and until the 7th of October you can get 20% off any purchase with the code INDIE20

* PR samples sent for consideration of review.