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The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition Review

The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition

I know not everyone enjoys a perfume sample but in my opinion they have their place. With fragrance being so subjective I think The Fragrance Club Discovery Box is not only a great idea but also a wonderful gift. Basically for £5 (no strings attached and it is not a monthly subscription plan) you or a loved one receives a box with six vial samples of the newest and best selling scents to try and a booklet full of £10 off vouchers to use should you want to purchase one or more of the fragrances you trial. It really does take the fuss out of perfume shopping and will help you to discover new scents too which is always a bonus in my opinion.

In the The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition there is:

The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition

Gucci Made to Measure for Men - I always judge men's fragrances with the thought in mind would I like my (currently imaginary) boyfriend to smell like this? And in a word yes, yes I would. This is a clean and sexy fragrance that is described as an oriental spicy offering and is not at all overpowering. I just wish it was Dave Franco rather than James Franco fronting the campaign ha!

The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition

Elizabeth Arden Untold - Typically I am not a fan of Elizabeth Arden fragrances and find them to be too strong and mature for my personal taste but untold is the complete opposite. It is a light, clean floral that is somewhat creamy and reminds me of Lily's and to an extent Stella McCartney's L.I.L.Y scent which is a personal favourite of mine.

The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition

Hugo Boss Jour - I love, love, love this fragrance it truly is one of the most perfect daily scents I have encountered. I know I have been throwing around the terms clean and crisp a lot in this post but it really couldn't be more fitting. When I wear this I feel sophisticated and fresh which is no mean feat considering I think a onesie is the height of sophistication ha! Yes I will be using the voucher to purchase another bottle of this...if you don't love yourself who will?

The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition

Loewe Aura - If you like a slightly masculine and aquatic scent this is the one for you. It is slightly musky and unlike anything else I own. It is one I'm not fully convinced I like yet but I will wear it for a day and see if it grows on me.

The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition

Lancome La Vie est Belle - Do you like candy or sweet fragrances? You do well you need Lancome La Vie est Belle in your life. This smells very similar to Parma Violet sweets with a strong vanilla kick, I would imagine fans of Prada Candy to adore this. I've got to say I am a fan and I'm more of a fruity floral gal.

The Fragrance Club Discovery Box 4th Edition

Giorgio Armani Si - I have seen a good few reviews about Si and it seems you either love or loathe it - then you have me middle road Mindy. I like it I just don't love it and I think it strongly smells like passion fruit which is nice enough but it is not something that I would  actively seek out.

So what will I be using my vouchers for? Another bottle of Hugo Boss Jour and oddly I think I will splurge on Lancome La Vie est Belle too as it is so unusual!

What do you think about the Fragrance Club Discovery Box concept.

You can read more about the Fragrance Club Discovery Box* and purchase a box here - link
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  1. Cute idea! I like it!


  2. Love this, such a great idea to discover new fragrances!Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. I really like this idea! My first thoughts were "hmm £5 for some testers?" but then those little handy tubes are kind of hard to get now!

  4. I've thought about subscribing to this as I love perfume, so I think come 2014 it'll be something I'll subscribe to, as I love perfume so much for myself, as well as when other people wear it so I think this would be lovely.

    Plus if I didn't like any of the scents I'd receive, I could give them away to people who would like them. :D


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