OCC Mini Lip Tars

I own three OCC Lip Tars and truthfully I have yet to make a dent in any of the shades and it is not from lack of trying. The thing is each tube truly will last forever and a day as the pigmentation of these little squeeze tubes is out of this world and will blow you away - if you have yet to experience the magic I do urge you to do so as nothing really compares. 

However not being a make-up artist nor a hoarder I do worry that with the OCC Lip Tars being essentially a liquid gloss product that sooner rather than later they will turn and spoil. I don't tend to hold on to products for years and I am quite anal with sell by dates but in my experience lip gloss products are the rebel's of the make-up world. They tend to spoil and separate much quicker than any other product I own and I live in fear of discovering my OCC Lip Tars in the same predicament. 

Well today is a good day my beauty loving friends as for Christmas 2013 OCC are launching mini sized lip tars (so far only the US have a launch date) which include a whole variety of shades in miniature form. Score! The same beloved formula but in tiny form is a winner for me that way I won't feel guilty splurging as I know there is a better chance I will finish a mini product or two rather than a full size.

Now here's hoping they make it to the UK asap! 
My money is on Cult Beauty stocking them first.