NV Ginger Spice Candle

"Slam it to the left if you are having a good time, shake it to the front if you know that you feel fine"

I will never pass up the opportunity to quote the Spice Girls and that is exactly what ran through my mind when I first opened up the NV Ginger Spice candle. In fact I may convince a few friends to dress up as Ginger and co for Halloween this year...and people say I'm not cool!

All jokes aside I am back on the candle bandwagon (I'm not sure I ever fell off) and my find is the NV Ginger Spice candle which is so far out of my comfort zone that it is truly surprising that I like it. Typically I avoid spice based scents like the plague and I'm not at all a fan of ginger fragrances either and yet here I am not only burning NV's Ginger Spice but thoroughly enjoying it too!

NV list their Ginger Spice offering as a "spicy scent of crystallised ginger enhanced by a generous pinch of warm cinnamon" although not listed I find this fragrance to be uplifting, indulgent and slightly zesty, I swear I can detect an orange note! In fact it reminds me of spiced oranges at Christmas and as a result I find it to be festive and perfect for the impending Winter. Despite having a slightly spicy kick this fragrance is not at all over powering and rather delicate with a great fragrance throw...well as delicate as a scent of this type can be.

As it is now clearly candle, pj and a good film weather why not try out a new brand? All of NV's candles are hand made within the UK and feature 100% soy wax, not to mention they are beautiful presented and fairly well priced.