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New MAC Pre-Filled 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes

New MAC Pre-Filled 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes

For someone like myself the news of the new MAC Pre-Filled 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes is exciting but slightly disappointing at the same time and I imagine this will be the case for most MAC fans.
Now don't get me wrong the concept is great - two pre filled neutral eyeshadow palettes in cool and warm colour ways for what I imagine to be cheaper than filling it yourself (they are rumoured to be £120 opposed to £170.50), however the majority of the shades are permanent and re-promotes. If you are new to MAC eyeshadows or only own a few this could be an amazing investment piece but for me it has to be a skip.
I have no idea if at this stage if you will be able to remove the individual eyeshadows or if they will be glued down much like they do in the MAC quads.

The shade line up is as follows:

MAC Neutral Warm Eyeshadow Palette (perhaps aimed at those with an NW complexion?)
Warm Breeze
Dark Brew 
Dance In The Dark 
Brule (Permanent)
Vanilla Extract
Honey Lust (Permanent)
Amber Lights (Permanent)
Saddle (Permanent)
Lemon Tart
Creative Copper
Divine Decadence

MAC Neutral Cool Eyeshadow Palette (perhaps aimed at those with an NC complexion?)
Sweet Allure 
Sun Tweaked 
Blackberry (Permanent) 
After Dusk 
Pick Me Up
Crushed Clove
Cozy Grey 
Brun (Permanent) 
Silver Fog 
French Clay 
Pearled Earth
Black Tied (Permanent)

Ugh I now want them both!
These are due to hit the UK in March and at this moment I have no idea if they will be permanent or not.
Also the images are just one of my MAC neutral palettes not the new palettes.

Information credit - Specktra 

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  1. I dont have a single MAC eyeshadow (I'm an urban decay girl for my lids), but I still dont think this is something i'd go for - if i was filling a palette I'd want to be able to choose my shades that would suit ME, not just my complexion! xx

  2. the neutral warm palette are all colours I really like the sound of. I think this a good idea if you want to try lots of different colours out! L xxx

  3. i have 3 mac shadows.. i believe 2 are permanent and i'm not sure on the 3rd one.. i think i'd be more interested in filling my own palette, really. but i think it's a good idea for some people though

  4. I don't think this is for me either, I have about 4 eyeshadows left to get to fill my palette and if I got another one I just wouldn't use all of the shades. Customising is the fun about making your own palettes!


  5. I think it's really exciting to see so many new shades BUT I wish they would sell them individually for die hard Mac fans like me who already have 3 of the 15 Mac palettes filled with my own choices! xx

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  6. I can't see the point personally in a nude palette if anything I'd want bright colours in a palette from MAC.
    Clare Elise

  7. I think this a great idea for professional makeup artists who are building their kits

  8. I have a MAC palette and I can't get enough of it! I just bought Sable and I love to wear it in the crease with Naked Lunch all over the lid! Must do a post soon!

  9. Oo I like the idea of these even though I own a few mac shadows surprisingly not that many out of these

    Adele xo

  10. great idea! love the fact there are limited edition colours in them too! perfect for makeup artists x

  11. I Have very confused feeling about this idea mhhh :/


    My Blog♡Marshmallow Skin

  12. I agree, think it's better to be able to fill your own palette. They would probably be useful for make up artists though! Please follow my blog back The Cupid Bow or on Bloglovin'

    Carly x

  13. I own no MAC shadows, but I think I'd prefer to build up my own palette. I'd buy nowhere near that amount so it'd be much cheaper to DIY it.
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  14. For the price, you'd be better off just buying your own palette and filling it with shades that you'll love and actually use. There's nothing worse than buying a palette that you only use a couple of shades from and it just wastes space in your kit!

  15. I have really mixed feelings on these, the price is pretty staggering, even if it is cheaper than buying a palette and filling it yourself, if you think the Naked palettes are less than £40 I really don't think Mac are justified in charging so much for their palettes! And I don't like that these palettes don't contain all permanent shades for 2 reasons; 1) It makes me want to buy the palettes for the shades that you can only get in the palette. 2) You can't buy refills for those colours when they run out because they only come as part of a palette...
    I really don't know whether I'll be buying these or not, I don't think I could afford to even though I kind of want to against my will haha!
    Eleanor x

  16. I find the £10 price tag of a single MAC eyeshadow to be very unreasonable for a student especially as the highstreet/other highend brands produce amazing shadows for most of the time a fraction of the price!
    However I imagine this'll be great for new MAC enthusiasts and perhaps makeup artists
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  17. I actually dont own a single Mac eyeshadow, I much prefer Urban Decay. I think the price is very unreasonable, I doubt ill be buying this xx

  18. Definitely the fun in the 15 shadow palettes is building it yourself! But maybe that's just for make-up obsessives like us ;) Choosing may be more of a faff for some other people!

  19. Soooo pretty!
    I need a lovely full MAC palette

  20. It sounds like a good idea in theory but for me the pull of the Mac palettes is that I can choose exactly which colours I want and it's easier to justify the cost when I buy one shadow here and there rather than spend iit all in one go as I don't really notice £10 a month or every few months, £120 would be way too much, If I wanted a pre made palette I'd go to a different brand for something cheaper like the UD Naked Palettes.
    Rosalie x

  21. There are some great colors in these palettes. I personally think [almost] everyone should own Saddle. It's the perfect crease color. They're not getting rid of their unfilled palettes are they? Hope not! Thanks for sharing.

    xx Lauren
    Dirty Blonde Ambition

  22. That's a really nice palette :-)

  23. I like the idea of this, but I already have 5 eye shadows and 2 quads and even though I don't own any of the ones that are due to be in the palettes, I still think you can't beat a custom palette! I also like treating myself every now and again, I highly doubt I'd ever have a spare £120 to buy one! xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog


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