Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nails Inc Jewellery Pedicure

Oddly today I am off to get my toes blinged up with lots of teeny tiny red swarovski rhinestones by the lovely Lia of Swoon Nails in Glasgow, luckily the procedure won't set me back £110 like the Nails Inc version...gulp!

Nails Inc have unveiled that they will be rolling out the Jewellery Pedicure which was inspired by the trend for embellishment and texture as seen on the runways of S/S14. The Nails Inc Jewellery Pedicure will be available in four colourways - gold, sapphire, ruby and diamond (clear/silver) and involves a technician individually applying crystals using swarovski rhinestones in different shapes and sizes for a precise fit. The treatment is available now exclusively in Harvey Nichols London, priced at £110 for 1 hour 15 mins and will be available nationwide in Nails Inc bars at other Harvey Nichols’ from November. You can also get a Jewellery Manicure for the same effect on your nails for £80 at the same locations.

The truth is this is not a new concept nail technicians have been doing this technique for years, yes not all will use swarovski rhinestones but I can guarantee you very few will charge you £110 for the pleasure. Don't get me wrong I think the effect is visually stunning and perfect for a night on the tiles but given the price point of the Nails Inc version I can't see it being all that popular. Sorry!

What do you think? Beautiful but just too pricey or too My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Style for you?

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  1. Good lord, I'd rather have a £110 Swarovski necklace!

  2. This is crazy! I saw in this weeks LOOK magazine that Kelly Osbourne had her nails done with diamonds and it was worth one millions pounds! Crazy! Some people have too much money!

  3. Absolutely no way that I would pay that for something on my toes - ridiculous! Xx

  4. no chance. And it looks hideous!! Money cant buy sense

  5. Nails Inc's target market with this pedicure is probably people with more money than sense! It is beautiful, but £110 is silly when most nail bars do the same sort of thing for a massive amount less.
    I'd rather be wearing the Swarovski diamonds round my neck for this price!

  6. I had something similar to this done at my local nail bar and i absolutely loved it. She applied three rows on crystals on my accent nail and on my big toe for my vacation last year and i loved how it turned out. They were sparkly rhinestones thought so far off the mark of £110 Swarovski crystals haha :D

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  8. Yeah absolutely no way would I pay that for a manicure/pedicure that would probably last a few days, if that! Would you mind giving my blog a follow? or The Cupid Bow on Bloglovin'!

    Carly x

  9. I had this done a few years ago, but only on half of my big toes. It didn't cost anything near as much as that! Crazy money for a pedicure!

  10. LOVE this, id never pay £110 for it tho haha. I had this done on my nails by a girl who was training and she charged me a fiver :-) xx

  11. So beautiful, hee hee girlfriend recently prepared a birthday, intends to buy copies of jewelry to give her a surprise, she is more like swarovski, but I do not know that the swarovski sale style looks better, you to the point.


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