Loewe Aura Eau de Parfum

I put of typing up this review as I couldn't quite put my finger on what Loewe Aura Eau de Parfum reminded me off then today I took another whiff and boom my brain switched into action and finally gave me the answer. It smells like suede or soft leather which sounds rather odd admittedly but it is beautiful - yes there is a definite leather like note but it is soft and teamed with floral accents for a great everyday fragrance.

Maybe if I spent less time sniffing fragrances and perhaps researched the notes of such scents I would have got there sooner as along with top notes pink pepper and red currants, the middles notes include white jasmine flowers, Australian sandalwood and of course leather which I am told is a signature note for Aura.

For the Autumnal weather I prefer warmer fragrances and do tend to look for fig or berry bases scents as I do enjoy fruity scents but Loewe Aura is a nice change of pace. It is soft and very feminine without being overbearing and thanks to the leather note it is rather unusual. I would liken it somewhat to Donna Karen's Cashmere fragrance.

Loewe Aura Eau de Parfum * £73-£89 via The Fragrance Shop - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.