Diptyque Festive Collection 2013

For Christmas 2013 Diptyque have partnered with French home-ware company Tsé Tsé to produce a truly beautiful limited edition collection of scented candles, three to be exact.

As mentioned there are three new fragrances in the new collection designed by the founders of Tsé Tsé (Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois) : Orange Chaya which contains notes of orange, cardamom, tea, quince, cinnamon and ginger. To complement the uplifting notes this is pretend in a gilded orange glass which oddly reminds me of the styling's of the Marrakesh. There is also Encens des Indes (Indian Incense) which is constructed of incense, myrrh, rose and carnation. This is the purple glass offering. Last but not least we have Écorce de Pin (Pine Bark) which of course has notes of pine, Japanese hinoki cypress, galbanum, cedar and patchouli, unsurprisingly this is presented within a green glass holder.

I am a huge fan of Diptyque and think I will indulge in the Écorce de Pin to fill my home with a strong winter scent and let's face it the glass jars are too beautiful to skip. The Diptyque Festive Collection will launch this coming November and will be available from Space.NK and Selfridges.

What do you think of Diptyque Christmas 2013?