Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Turn That Frown Upside Down...

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Candle

Some days we all wake up in a funk - everything can be going great in your little world and yet you have a bee in your bonnet. It happens to us all and for such times if like myself you are a firm subscriber to the world of aromatherapy you may want to try Aromatherapy Associates new Revive Candle.

Not only is the candle beautifully presented within a medium sized frosted glass tumbler complete with a continuous print of the Aromatherapy Associates logo but the fragrance is utterly delectable with a blend of uplifting and fresh Grapefruit and Petitgrain fragrance oils. The idea behind such blend is to leave you feeling 
mentally and emotionally uplifted and let me tell you it works. After a few minutes of burning this I do feel a lot happier - now I'm not going to state that this will cure depression or anything to that extent but if you are feeling a little down in the dumps this is a great little pick me up. Team it with a bar of chocolate and a good film and well you have my idea of bliss frankly.

Yes at £34 this candle is fairly pricey but you do get what you pay for and in this instant it is 40 hours of fragrance, a hand poured candle which is done in the United Kingdom, the highest quality soy wax with unbleached cotton wicks and 100% GM (Genetically modified ingredient) free.

The winter blues ha not any more!

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Candle* £34 via Aromatherapy Associates - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.

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  1. I could do with this on the odd occasion, but I am not sure I could justify paying £34 for a candle, if only I had all the money in the world :) x

    Kirsty Rockit Style

  2. I love my candles so Iv so got to give this a try :) Does anyone kno where the sell these apart from online ?

    LUVS THAT | Megan and Nicole

  3. I love candles! this one is definitely one I would like to try out xx

    Trill |

  4. This looks lovely, hope to try it soon x

  5. This looks amazing! Great Christmas or Birthday idea!

  6. I'll be putting this on my christmas list! Love Aromatherapy Associates!

  7. love the packaging! it looks like one of those candles were it takes me months before allowing myself to finally burn it

    XO Nicole @ beautykissxo

  8. I heart Aromatherapy Associates so much!! I love the company ethos. I am actually lucky enough to be trained in the brand professionally (I am a beauty therapist). The revive range is one of my favourites, nothing beats a bit of a citrus pick me up!

  9. Another candle lover here! My husband only thinks they are for blackouts and doesn't get them. Hey ho!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo


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