Sachajaun Stockholm Leave in Conditioner

As you will more than likely sick of hearing yes I am now a fully fledged blonde and my hair does feel a little course and dare I say it weaker than before. I do worry about my hair snapping or looking damaged so I have been trying to cocoon it in a blanket of T.L.C a.k.a deep conditioners and serums.

One product that I have to credit for not only nourishing my hair but reducing the stress of blow drying is Sachajaun Stockholm Leave in Conditioner. Truthfully the scent is a little bizarre - to my nose it smells like dirty fruit, it's not overly unpleasant but it could do with a little tweaking. The good news is that it doesn't linger on the hair and once you have dried your hair be it with heat or naturally it fades rapidly. This leave in Conditioner is super light but nourishing enough for even the thickest and/or driest of hair types and as it is oil-free it does not weigh down the hair. It also features new ocean silk technology to give great body, volume and shine as well as helping to keep both the hair and scalp healthy.

Yes all of that is great but for me it is worth the price alone for the ease of blow drying - when using Sachajaun Stockholm Leave in Conditioner my hair dries quicker and easier with me being able to skip straighteners on occasion. Not a biggie if you have naturally straight hair but I don't I have crazy wavy almost curly hair that is troublesome at best. If you are looking for a lightweight hair care product that nourishes, protects and eases styling this is it just try not to look at the price tag...ouch.

Sachajaun Stockholm Leave in Conditioner* £21/250ml via Selfridges - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.