nspa Fragrances

You may be familiar with nspa bath and body products which can be found in most supermarkets but newly launched is a collection of three fragrances each of which have been some what inspired by a designer counterpart but with an £8 price tag. 

The bottle style does remind me a little of Jo Malone fragrances which is never a bad thing. I was sent nspa Pure which is a clean cotton type of fragrance that does ring pretty similar to DKNY's Pure and nspa Bloom which has been created to smell akin to Escada Especially Escada Elixir which is does to a certain extent but the nspa version is much more powdery. There is also nspa Orient which is of course a more spicy, woody type fragrance but as I haven't tested this I can't vouch for it.

Truthfully I'm not too sure what to make of the new nspa offerings I don't fully understand why they would want to emulate designer type fragrances when they have some lovely scents of their own within their bath and body care line. I really don't know who this fragrance line will appeal to teens tend to want the newest celebrity perfume be it endorsed or the scent their idol is rumoured to wear. As a woman in her twenties I have already developed my taste in scents and wouldn't typically purchase a fragrance on a whim (as these are stocked in supermarkets I don't think there will be testers) and those a little more mature tend to have a signature fragrance or two.

On the plus side they are only £8/50ml* so should one emulate your scent of choice you have the option of purchasing a cheaper dupe which is always a winner.

*PR samples sent for consideration of review.