Celebrities Without Air Brushing

Like most I grew up in a celebrity obsessed culture - I can recall being 16 and ranking high on my friends and I agenda was comparing ourself to celebrities. Be it skin, teeth or bodies nothing ever seemed good enough. The sad truth is that back then we were all oblivious to the power of airbrushing and 99% of the women do not look have the proportions or skin glossy publications lead us to believe. 

Does it make them ugly? Heck no quite the opposite but it makes them human and that is not something such world wants us to buy into. Why? Flawless creatures make us buy into the hype of whatever beauty product they are promoting at the time so that we all go out in our droves, hand over our hard earned cash in the hope of somewhat emulating our favourite icon. It's the nature of the beast.

Celebrities Without Air Brushing

Rather than waste energy complaining about airbrushing and clever editing (it's fruitless and if the world was to see you splashed on every magazine cover wouldn't you want to look your best?) or what your skin faults happen to be. I say make the most of what you've got and I'm willing to bet that any faults you have won't be noticeable to others. Us girls have a terrible habit of beating ourselves up over the little things that truly don't matter or those that are only detectable under strong lighting, at an angle and armed with a magnifying mirror - in a few years time you'll look back and kick yourself!

Also chances are that there is a celebrity out there (well those who don't think they are god's gift that is) who would kill for skin like yours or any number of your features. If all else fails Google some celebrity close up's and rejoice at the fact it is not only you that has bucket like pores (I may be referring to myself here) that not even a top make-up artist could disguise. Now put down the magazine and take the self pressure to be picture perfect down a notch or ten.

All images used were taken and edited (in size and put into collages) from celebrityclose-up.com