MAC Gorgeous Eyes Collection Autumn 2013

Newly launched today is the MAC Gorgeous Eyes Collection. So little has been said about this collection (and I haven't seen many reviews of the palettes either) that it will have went unnoticed by most - myself included. Now I must warn you now that as pretty as the palettes are (and good value too) they mostly feature permanent shades and a good few re-promotes too. However if you are looking for a pretty pre-made palette for less than it would cost to buy such shades individually I do recommend purchasing one. Otherwise it is a skip...I say that when the truth is I have purchased a few myself whoops! 

MAC Showstopper Eye Shadow Quad 
Oh My Darling - Pale frost cream (Frost)
Jest - Soft peach with icy shimmer (Frost)
Mineralism - Softly tarnished silver with frost (Lustre)
Showstopper - Deep blackened brown (Matte)

MAC Devilishly Dark Eye Shadow Quad 
Manila Paper- Pale frosted white gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Goldmine - Intense gold with shimmer (Frost)
Honey Lust - Bronze-dipped peach (Lustre)
Devilishly Dark - Rich brown with gold pearl (Frost)

MAC Melt My Heart Eye Shadow Quad
Forgery - Sterling silver (Lustre)
Melt My Heart - Metallic silver (Veluxe Pearl)
Heather Belles - Dark charcoal (Satin)
Silver Ring - Grey with silver sheen (Veluxe Pearl)

MAC Hold My Gaze Eye Shadow Quad
White Rabbit - Frosted soft white (Frost)
Dame’s Desire - Frosty mid-tone reddish purple (Frost)
Deep Secret - Deep frosted indigo (Frost)
Hold My Gaze - Mid-tone cool green grey (Satin)

MAC Pink Freeze Eye Shadow Quad 
Pink Freeze - Bright pink with icy pearl (Frost)
Bruised Plum - Frosted mid-tone dirty mauve (Veluxe Pearl)
Deception - Frosty golden brown (Frost)
Magic Moor - Purple grape (Veluxe Pearl)

You can find the palettes here - link for £30 each and they are limited edition.