Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Candle Weather

Yankee's No.3 Coconut Collection Coconut and Mandarin Candle

Autumn has arrived (excuse me while I frolic in some dry leaves) and that means it is now acceptable (in my book anyway) to be snuggled up in your PJ's by the fire at oh I don't know 6pm and what sets such scene perfectly? A candle of course!

Normally I burn scents dependant on the current season i.e fruity in the summer, comforting rich fragrances in the Autumn and so on but at the moment I have been sparking up Yankee's No.3 from the Coconut Collection which is a mild but both fruity and fresh blend of Coconut and Mandarin. Unlike other fruit based scents this is not suited to one season in particular and is one of those odd fragrances that you can burn any time, any day and it will always be fitting.

Sometimes I find some coconut based scents to lean a little liquorice based which is less than ideal as I hate such sweet treat but as this has been cut with mandarin you get a milky coconut scent with a warming almost orange kick. It truly is beautiful and as mentioned above mild in the sense that it won't over power and yet it does my entire home with such fragrance in less than hour. 

Yankee's No.3 Coconut Collection Coconut and Mandarin Candle £17.06 via Yankee Direct - link
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  1. I love coconut scents! This sounds ideal, as I find the normal coconut scent is slightly too summery x

  2. I completely agree!! It is finally fire, mulled cider and autumnal candle time!!! :)

  3. I don't have that candles here at Portugal, but i would love to try them. kiss

    O Blog da Susy

  4. Weird to comment this, but I love how the label looks like! I wish we have Yankee candles here!

  5. They have new packaging?! Been a while since I bought any sort of candles, let alone Yankee ones, but I'm loving it. Also the scent sounds divine, might have to dip into repurchasing candles now!


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