Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Body Bling by Scott Barnes Review

Body Bling by Scott Barnes

Body Bling by Scott Barnes
Body Bling by Scott Barnes
Body Bling by Scott Barnes

Yes I am forever harping on about achieving the infamous J-Lo glow look and may or may not have bought several (okay hundreds) of products over the years in the hopes of recreating it. A few have come close but today I finally get to share one of the very products Ms Lopez uses, yep the one and only Body Bling by Scott Barnes.

Body Bling was created by Scott Barnes to give the body a glistening illuminating effect with a slight bronze glow without the need for sun. It is a quick and easy way to mimic a sun kissed effect without the damaging rays of the sun. Body Bling aims to give a lit within glow all over and is said to be favoured by both Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce! Not too shabby for a £7.50 tinted body moisturiser, my only complaint would be that the bottle could be a little larger, 30mls doesn't last me all that long!

I have been trialling the original formula of the Scott Barnes Body Bling which is a light gel consistency body product that not only tints and adds a light sheen to the skin but is also somewhat hydrating. No it won't quench overly dry skin but as far as self tanning products go it is one of the more moisturising formulas. As well as being somewhat nourishing it has a great scent - slightly floral but not at all over powering in the slightest. Body Bling Original is a deep almost copper bronze that despite appearances once applied and fully rubbed into the skin it looses the orange tone but is probably better suited to medium to dark complexions, lighter skin tones may want to try the platinum hue. The great thing about this being lightly tinted is that it helps even the skin tone as well as boosting a natural or faux tan making it a great evening out product. F.Y.I the deeper your skin tone the more beautiful this product appears and blended along the shin bones it can help make legs appear longer and slimmer. Best summed up it is a subtle radiance boosting gel for the body - I did try a little on my face but the consistency didn't bode well with foundation etc.

For those that like to glisten without glitter on  a night on the tiles Body Bling should be your next purchase.

Body Bling by Scott Barnes* £7.50/30ml via Cult Beauty - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.

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  1. I heard Beyonce loves this as well! They have a full size on BeautyBay


  2. Sounds great especially for £7.50! going to hunt this stuff down :p xx Emmi

  3. Been looking for something just like this without the orange tinge!

    Kirsty xo

  4. This sounds quite nice, especially for under £10!x


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