Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Barry M Autumn Winter Launches 2013

Okay ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves as Barry M Autumn and Winter sneak peeks have landed and boy oh boy is there an abundance of products as well as a new blog! From new foundations, to face palettes to matte nail colours there is something for everyone. Launch dates are September 25th in Superdrug and Boots October 2nd

Lash Vegas Mascara in Waterproof

"For EXTRA LARGE showgirl lashes search no further than LASH VEGAS! Its spiral shaped brush has been designed to separate, define & reach the smallest of lashes for show-stopping volume. Now available in waterproof." Retail Price is £6.49

Classic Matte Nail Paint

"Matte look nails were key on the catwalks for AW/13, as seen At Alexander Wang, DKNY & Helmut Lang. Be it a berry, black or nude shade, make Barry M's new coffee shop collection of warm, wintery Matte Nail Paints your go-to polish this season. Not only will they give you the statement grunge look, they will also leave enough change for you to buy an outfit to match!"

Shades: ‘Espresso’ (Black MNP1), ‘Crush’ (Burgundy Red MNP2), ‘Caramel’ (Light Brown MNP3), ‘Vanilla’ (Pink Nude MNP4), ‘Mocha’ (Medium Brown MNP5) Retail Price: £3.99

The Royal Glitter Collection

"The new Royal inspired collection from Barry M will make you feel like a glittering, glistening Princess. With 5 shades in the range, these Textured Glitter Nail Paints will get your nails noticed in an instant."

Shades: ‘Princess’ (Pink TNP5), ‘Majesty’ (Gold TNP6), ‘Duchess’ (Nude TNP7), ‘Lady’ (White Pearl TNP8), ‘Countess’ (Purple TNP9) Retail Price: £3.99

Crystal Glaze Topcoat

"Dazzle your nails with this glistening topcoat. Perfect for a crystallised finish for the ultimate glam touch£. 
Retail Price: £3.99

Berry Cosmo Nail Paint

"This is a new addition to Barry M's original Nail Paint collection. A beautiful purple/burgundy winter shade"
Retail Price: £2.99

3 Eye & Cheek Palettes

"New to the Barry M range are a selection of stunning eye and cheek palettes, which cater to every occasion and every outfit. With a combination of soft, light, dark and jewel tones, you can create your favourite beauty look with the ease of having all shades in one compact- complete with a large mirror and two applicators.
Getting glam has never been so easy!"


Glamour Puss- "Bring out your inner glamour puss with these 6 shimmering party eyeshadows and hot pink blush" 

Smokin' Hot- "Create a smokin' hot look with these 6 smouldering eyeshadows and hot peach blush" 

Natural Glow- "Enhance your natural glow with these 6 subtle eyeshadows in natural hues and pastel pink blush"

Retail Price: £6.49 per palette

Flawless Finish Foundation

"An oil free formulation, containing soothing moisturisers with skin healing properties, for a flawless matte finish."

Shades: Ivory (LF1), Nude (LF2), Beige (LF3), Sand (LF4), Tan (LF5)

Retail Price: £5.99

Also Barry M have just launched a blog via called ‘We Love…’. You can view it here:
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  1. Ooo wow, some exciting stuff coming from Barry M :)

  2. The eyeshadow palettes look great, the nude one could be a good Naked dupe!

  3. The matte nail polishes look like a must have for me. :D Especially as I work in a coffee shop. xD

    So excited!

  4. ooh the nail varnishes look amazing! xx

  5. Barry M never fails to excite me, I need to start saving!

  6. Need those matte polishes. Still not impressed by the seeming comic sans on that foundation though!

    1. Haha as I uploaded the photo I said to myself you will not like this haha!

  7. could not be more excited about this. berry!!!

  8. uh oh, bye bye money haha! I want it all!!

  9. Those palettes look really nice :)

    // Inês Paúl //

  10. Oh my days. There is so much good stuff coming out soon I've taken to writing the launch dates in my diary. I want almost all of those nail polishes. Gah, I need to rob a bank! x

    Just me Leah

  11. The palettes and berry shade nail polish look lovely, I'm quite shocked with Barry M sometimes they're products can be a bit hit and miss but these look like a real hit!

    Beth, x
    Bethany Marie

  12. I'm so excited to see their are launching makeup !

  13. I love the look of both those palettes they look fab!

  14. those palettes look amazing!

  15. I am loving that neutral palette and what a bargain! I am intrigued as to how good the foundations are though!


  16. I will need to try those palettes! x

  17. The foundations look like the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation - I wonder whether it'll be a good budget substitute?

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  18. Those palettes look lovely, especialy the nude one :) the crystal top coat looks rather interesting aswell, can't wait!

  19. Can't help but feel a little disappointed there are no new Gelly colours! Although the last 2 palettes are gorgeous, but I really don't need new palettes right now.

    I'll probably still end up trying all of it! xo

  20. I'm so excited for this! Especially the crystal glaze topcoat and the matte foundation! Xx


  21. Those nail paints are absolutely stunning colours!

    I'm giving a way a MAC Lipstick of the competition winners choice on my blog if you would like to enter!

  22. This is so exciting!! Love the look of the matte nail paints and I really want to buy the foundation!

  23. All the nail varnishes look gorgeous especially the glitter collection
    : ]

  24. Sneaks peeks are always so fun! Wow, I so wish we had Barry M. here in Canada. I've been so tempted by their Gelly nail polishes and those palettes are lovely! :)


  25. I like how Barry M are expanding the foundation looks really cool i cant wait to try it out

  26. Love those palettes! Really want the smokey one. :)

  27. I can't tell you enough HOW EXCITED I am to see these products and I want it all!! xx

  28. I love Barry M, cannot wait for this to launch!


  29. These palettes look amazing! I need to have them xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  30. Oh crikey thats an expensive sets of launches. I love the burgandy purple new polish, and the burgandy and nude matte ones, not to mention that natural glow pallet. Someone hide my student loan?

  31. Some of those palettes look wicked

  32. Such a great post! So excited to get my hands on the natural glow palette and the new polishes!

  33. Love the look of the new nail polishes and the natural glow palette! :)

  34. Barry M are bringing out some amazing make up recently!

    Tiny Alis.

  35. OOh wow I'm excited for this new collection! The polishes 'Mocha' and 'Berry Cosmo' are definitely to my 'to buy' list! And the Natural Glow Palette!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  36. I'm so excited about the matte nail paints! xx

  37. Can't wait to try the new nail paints! x

  38. can't wait for the royal collection :)

  39. so excited for all this to come out !!

  40. Omg the matte finish foundations look amazing I want it right now because I'm extremely oily... I just want to thank you so much for this post.

    Sarah Sequins

  41. Wow I am so excited for the matt polishes and the palettes! Will be counting down the days to release!

    Love Holly xx

  42. i'd love to try the nude eye shadow palette


    Inspirations Have I None

  43. the nude eyeshadow palette looks amazing!

  44. I'm really looking forward to the naked eyeshadow palette. Just what I've been looking for.

  45. Wow, i really want the Smokin' Hot and Natural Glow palettes, would love to try the matte foundation too!
    A trip to boots is in order when they come out!


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