I'm sure we all own a few products that never fail to gain complements, the pretty lipstick that perfect strangers will stop you in the streak simply to ask what it is or that one perfume that leaves people curious.
Well today I have dug out all my products that are more often than not the start of a conversation and will share them with you all today only if you promise to spill on at least one beauty "what is that" product yourself. Deal?

On many a night out I will slick on MAC Candy Yum Yum and yes it gears the odd quizzical look but it seems for the majority it is simply too bright or stark to actually become noteworthy. Yet when I plump for MAC Girl About Town I can guarantee several ladies will ask what the bright pink glossy shade I'm sporting is, it turns out it is also a favourite of Kim Kardashian's too! 

Typically speaking I prefer a full coverage foundation which again never really conjures up all that much interest with others yet let me switch to Vichy's Idealia BB Cream and I will more often than not have to answer what my dewy base of choice is. Admittedly out of all the BB Creams I have tried and tested over the last year or so this is hands down the best so I happily recommend it to all that will listen, especially if you are after a light, natural but somewhat radiant finish.

My eyes are not my best feature, far from it they are small and hooded so I am forever shocked when anyone notices I am wearing eyeshadow let alone says complimentary but Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadow in Ebloui seems to collect more than a few admiring glances. Despite being a red based brown shade and slightly darker than I typically go for there is not an eye colour this does not work well with. 
I like to team it with 3 Light Clarifier Pencil and Revlon's 3D Volume Mascara (if someone says I have long lashes this is what it will be due to) to really open the eyes.

Now on to that scent that has strangers forever enquiring just what that fragrance is and that is Narcisco Rodriguez For Her EDT. I think the allure of this scent is that it smells familiar yet sexy at the same time, you want to smell like this but for the life of you can't quite place the fragrance name. As mentioned earlier this is my grown up, I mean business scent of choice but I can guarantee that if you wear this others will quiz you on just exactly what it is. You have been warned!

Right now you simply have to share that one product that never fails to impress!