Victoria's Secret Lemon Escape Eau de Toilette

While in Florida I promised myself that I would not leave without a stash of Victoria Secret's infamous body sprays particularly Love Spell (gah it is amazing) but I didn't quite counter in the fact that 99.9% of all VS scents smell utterly amazing. If you are a fan of sweet sugary scents you need to get your butt into your local store and indulge. 

I'm sure most will have seen the aforementioned body sprays mentioned here and there but did you know that along with the likes of Bombshell Victoria Secret offer matching eau de toilettes for their body mists. Yep that's right you can essentially purchase (at least state side you can) Love Spell et all in a traditional fragrance sense. But if you are quick and hot foot it to VS in the next few weeks you will be able to purchase some of their Sparkling Citrus bath and body products which have not to be missed in m opinion.

The stand out offering for me has to be Lemon Escape which is not at all my typical purchase but my goodness is it a sunny awakening in one teeny little bottle. I can not find any information on the notes of this scent anywhere but the packaging does clearly state that it is a blend of Coconut and Lemon - doesn't that sound yummy? It does have a slight vanilla kick to and reminds me both of lemon drizzle cake and pina colada's which aren't typically high on the agenda of things I want to smell like but trust me it is nothing short of amazing and is perfect for both warm and cold days as the vanilla base is both comforting and fresh.

Like I said I can not find this online but it was a measly $12(£7.70)/30ml...who wants to go on a road trip to America with me and stock pile Victoria's Secret Lemon Escape Eau de Toilette? Anyone?

Random Fact - During the European Renaissance, fashionable ladies used lemon juice as a way to redden their lips.