Sewlomax Embroidered Blush Pouch

It seems I'm not alone in my obsessive tendencies when it comes to cosmetic bags.
Hey of you can switch up your daily bag why can't you have a variety of make-up bags too?
At the moment all my everyday essentials have been contained within a Sewlomax pouch which is not only one of the cutest designs ever with pretty embroidered blush pans and a fluffy brush but has been sourced using eco friendly materials so you can purchase with a clear conscience. 

The Sewlomax Embroidered Blush Pouch is a great everyday size and although constructed from canvas it doesn't tend to get grubby or at least that has been the case so far. Luckily the inside has a 100% waterproof and washable lining so should something spill inside it can be easily wiped down without ruining the aesthetics of the bag. At £28 it is not cheap and I know that Christmas is not exactly around the corner but it may make a great gift or of course next pay day a little cheeky splurge on yourself to cure the last of the summertime blues. 

Sewlomax Embroidered Blush Pouch* £28 via Not on the High Street - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.