Bath and Body Works Candle Haul

First of all yes I own an excessive amount of candles and will admit that I have a little storage cupboard in my house in which I keep them all. A cupboard just for candles, when did I become that guy?
However I don't tend to purchase more than one of the same scent (this coming Christmas I will be re-burning my Yankee Christmas candles from 2011 and 2012) and a lot like perfume I have various scents depending on my mood. I know some can stick to one candle until it burns out and then replace it but I get fed up rather easily.

Second of all gah how behind am I? I still have lots of products from the good ol' US of A to share but life has been rather busy...why does everything happen at once? Anyway let's crack on with my candle haul a.k.a the reason I had to pay for excess baggage but I defy any outsider not to go a little nuts in Bath and Body Works. I defy you!

The thing with Bath and Body Works candles is that not only are they so well priced ($20 each for the huge three wick size but they are more often than not on offer for $10 or two for $22) but my goodness do they smell scrumptious and fill not just a room but the entire house with their invoking aroma's. My inner sweet tooth simply wouldn't let me walk away without the Ice Cream Parlour candle - it perfectly combines the sweet and sugary notes of vanilla ice cream with a slightly biscuit type note. It is like indulging in a scoop or two of ice cream with a wafer without the calories! I also purchased Island Colada (pineapple and coconut much like a pina colada) and Caribbean Salsa (best described as tutti frutti) for rainy days when I wish I was somewhere else.  Perhaps the most girlie and in my opinion the best scent of all has to be Passionflower - I expected this to be floral but it is another fruity scent with pear, passion fruit and melon. It is so fresh and uplifting. As Autumn/Winter will be upon us before we know it I also went away with the Eucalyptus and Mint scent which is said to be great for de-congesting and helping with migraines. I remain somewhat doubtful but the combination of the mint and eucalyptus does have a slightly festive feel so it will not go unloved.

Bath an Body Works is of course not readily available within the UK but for around £20 you can purchase a huge three wick candle via Amazon and eBay. Well worth it in my opinion.