Noble Isle Summer Rising

The rain is currently bouncing off my windows as I type, I ran outside to bring the cat in doors (she has a weird penchant for sitting under trees and watching the rain) and was literally soaked through. Any thoughts of enjoying a crisp summer evening in the garden have long gone but if you aren't quite ready to admit defeat and roll out the winter woollies I have just the product line for you...

Nobel Isle's Summer Song scent will help prolong the feeling of summer a little longer even if the weather outside suggests that sun soaked days are a thing of the past. I am a huge fan of Nobel Isle as it is quintessentially British and although a fairly new brand it has a traditional vibe that suggests it has been around forever and a day, a lot like an old friend. Noble Isle draw inspiration from the Great British outdoors be it from misty moorlands of Northern England to Highland distilleries and windswept coastal cliffs - Noble Isle has managed to capture the essence of each place and bottle it. I'm willing to be that if you are British each scent will smell familiar and more likely than not send you a trip down memory lane each time you bathe.

As mentioned Summer Song would be my summer pick and its place of inspiration is Cornwall - the Cornish Hedgerows to be precise - imagine the prettiest walk down a countryside lane with lots of blossoming flowers and you have the idea. The scent is of course a green floral which is fresh, uplifting yet clean and features notes of fresh cut grass, orange blossoms and Tangerine to name a few. It certainly perks up a dull day and is the perfect addition to any morning shower to awaken, refresh and set you on-course for the day ahead.

I totally understand when some state that a shower gel is a shower gel and as long as it cleanses efficiently they are happy. I agree but disagree at the same time some can be drying on the skin and/or feature an overpowering scent, of course you have the other side of the coin where the product features next to no scent either. Luckily all of the Noble Isle Shower Gel's that I have been lucky enough to test not only produce a wonderfully soapy lather that cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture but the scent balance is close to perfection - not too strong but a soft lingering addition. Truthfully I'm not a fan of body lotion but I can vouch that the Noble Isle formulation is softly scented, light weight and quickly absorbed to boot - those with drier skin types may need something a little more intense.

You can purchase both Summer Rising* products separately for £20 each or should you fancy both items there is a gift set for £38, you can find all the products mentioned here - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - Frisbee's were first designed as pie plates in the 1870's.