I kid you not they are a real thing!

I have seen a few mentions of the new Benefit Cosmetics vending machines thanks to the beauty world recently and decided to investigate a little further and it turns out the concept is not exclusive with Sephora already deploying their express beauty machinery in locations stateside since 2009/2010.
Chanel are apparently going to follow suit with a mascara only vending machine and Benefit have announced that their top 30 best selling products will be available at the click of a button in various US airports.

Personally I think the idea is fun and brings new meaning to express beauty but I don't think airports are the best places for machines due to duty free goodies, perhaps they'd be better placed within smaller shopping centers that don't already have a Benefit counter. It worries me a little that the products are dropped much like sweet treats that are traditionally found in this type of dispenser. Why? Well powder products could be broken as could glass containers and what if the machine doesn't dispense your chosen item?

Purchase anxiety aside they are pretty cool and it could be the way forward in bringing some of the big and harder to find brands such as MAC et al to smaller locations. Who knows if this new technology/concept will hit the UK but I will be keeping my eyes peeled next time I'm at an American airport that is for sure.

What to do think? Cool or just consumerism gone mad?
More importantly have you seen one of these pieces of cosmetic wizardry in the flesh!

Random Fact - Vending machines kill four times more people each year than sharks do.