Bourjois Vintage Rose Candle

I'm sure most British ladies and further afield for that matter could instantly recognise the dusky rose scent of a Bourjois blush? For me the scent instantly casts me back to being a young teen (around 14) and shopping with my friends at the weekend for the most pinkest Bourjois offerings we could find. Back then we all wanted to look like Barbie not Kim Kardashian.

Well now you can relive all your rose scented memories with the Bourjois Vintage Rose Candle or create new moments in time to later look back on fondly. It is difficult to some up the fragrance of this candle without flat out saying that it smells exactly like a Bourjois blush (which it does), basically it is a light and musky rose scent that isn't truly authentic nor is it powdery. I have seen it and the blushes for that matter being listed as having a burning rose fragrance, having never experienced a burnt rose I can't comment. Personally I do think even those who don't tend to like rose fragrances could enjoy this but if in doubt and not local to a Selfridges store simply head to your nearest Bourjois stockist and sniff a blush, you'll get your answer there and then if it is a must have for you.

I would be lying through my teeth if I didn't state that the packaging didn't appeal to me - a sugared almond smallish glass jar with a retro almost Parisian print. I have plans to use it as a brush holder once the candle is burnt out. If this candle appeals to you in any shape or form you will have to be quick as it is a limited edition item commissioned to celebrate the brands 150th anniversary.

Bourjois Vintage Rose Candle £9.99 via Selfridges - link 

Random Fact - The oldest rose in the world has flourished for over 1,000 years on the wall of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.