Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Time I Tried Bikram Yoga

Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant

Yep that's right I thought heck this current British Sunshine isn't making me quite sweaty enough and decided to participate in the hottest and not in a sexy sense work out I have ever been foolish enough to sign up for and attended a few Bikram Yoga classes. I still haven't recovered.

In-case you have no idea what Bikram Yoga entails it is basically 90 minutes per class each of which consist of the same series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises all of which are carried out in a room heated to 105°F (40.6°C) with a humidity of 40%. You can't quite comprehend how warm it will be until you actually try it out. As a Scot I can't say I'm a huge fan of heat so why I decided to try this concept out is anyone's guess considering I was offered various other means to trial Sure's Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant. Every now I have a manic moment and this is what I will file such experience under. 

Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant

Sure have formulated their line of Maximum Protection deodorants so that offer twice the amount of protection for 48hrs than a typical anti-perspirant on the high street, basically this is the sweat buster you want should you be in hectic or challenging situation. I like to think this is what lawyers recommend to their naughty clientele, I know that's less than likely but I don't let facts interfere with my vivid imagination! Unlike a traditional anti-perspirant deodorant you apply this at night - 
you can apply this in the morning but for the best results it is suggested you apply this just 
before you go to bed as this is when the body's temperature is at its most consistent.
I am more at home with spray on deodorants but found this really easy to use and not at all sticky,
which is often my worry with cream/roll on formulas.
The TRIsolid formula provides maximum wetness protection that will last the following day even after showering, admittedly this felt a little odd as I am so used to applying an anti-perspirant straight after a good ol' scrub but you soon get used to it. Sure Everyday Fresh is the scent on the block and as you can imagine it is of course fresh - a light floral scent that is uplifting and somewhat reminds me of freshly washed linen drying on the green.

Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant

Now sweaty Betty's everywhere can re-joice as I can vouch that Sure's Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant works. However for an added chunk of information that you could totally live without knowing, I have discovered new areas of the anatomy that sweat buckets. A sweaty butt may not be counted as one of my classiest moments and I can now say I have literally sweated of my I know, heat really brings out the best in me. But hey at least I could clamber onto my bus with dry arm pits, the fact that I looked liked I had wet my pants is totally over look-able.

Bikram Yoga heck no, Sure's Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant yes!

Sure Maximum Protection Everyday Fresh Deodorant* £5.30 via Boots - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review, please note that the Bikram Yoga classes were paid for by Sure to trial the deodorant. Other than that I received no other form of compensation.

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  1. Wow that work out sounds really good. I need to see if anywhere local does that

    Seaside Beauty

  2. Ooh I like the sound of this. Will definitely get one next time I'm in need of deodorant.

    Bamboozle Beauty xx

  3. ooh - I do like the sound of it but it seems to be much more expensive than normal deodorants! x


    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  4. Intriguinggg.....might be worth a try if this summer heat keeps up!
    Emma x

  5. Oh looks like I need to try this, considering I live in the Middle East and it's currently around 50 degrees *long sigh*.

  6. Oh I tried Bikram in Thailand and it was the worst 15 minutes ever ( I had to leave before I passed out) my ankles were sweating Not a good look!! Deodorant sounds great!

  7. It sounds like a great product!

  8. My favorite theatre star at the moment does bikram yoga and I've heard such good things about it. The heat sounds absolutely disgusting but when you look at the weather the UK is getting at the moment I guess it is not that bad and will actually be quite okay in winter haha. I absolutely hate roll on deodorants however your review has tempted me into giving this a shot as it sounds like an awesome product!

  9. I don't think I could handle bikram yoga, the heat would get to me I think!

  10. I have this deodorant in the sensitive version. I suffer terribly with sweating buckets, even in winter and I needed something that would work after sprays and roll on ones not working anymore.

    My friend recommended this to me as she suffers with the same issues as myself and it is amazing.

    I haven't been applying it at night as I worry that the shower I grab before I go out everyday would wash it off and thus I would sweat buckets, but if you've tested and stated that it doesn't affect it, I think I'll give it a go tonight. :D

  11. I've done Hot Yoga, (it's like Bikram but the class is 70 mins long, and we do all yoga poses, not just 26!!)

    Defintely need an indestructable deodrant! Great post!

  12. I've seen this advertised on TV and a close friend told me it works so good! Your post has just topped it off, will be off to Boots tomorrow to buy it :)
    Fantastic blog by the way :D

    - Charlotte x

  13. I was going to try this but was put off because I didn't know if it would work however your post makes me want to go buy it knowing that it will work,

    thanks x


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