Taaj Eau Micelleaire

Personally I am more of a gel or balm cleanser kinda gal but in the recent warm weather as a pre-cleanse I have been indulging a little in the micelleaire pool of cleansing waters. It is quick and easy, gives instant refreshment and removes most of my make-up so I can relax before getting down to a full cleanse. It is easy to see why so many are a fan of this method.

At the moment I have been using Taaj Eau Micelleaire which may just get the prize for best scented cleansing water ever - it reminds me a little of Mojito's fruity yet minty at the same time and although fragranced it is gentle on the skin and has not sparked any kind of reaction what so ever. Two cotton pads soaked in this clear liquid instantly dissolves the majority of my make-up without drying out my skin - I can't comment on how well it removes eye make-up as I haven't tried it for such purpose and probably won't ever. All I know is that my skin feels heavenly after using it - soft, cleansed without the tight sensation that so many other cleansers are prone to. 

Sadly like so many other great on the surface products this is not without its faults!
Firstly at £22 a bottle it is not cheap and even worse within the UK it is not easy to source - to the best of my knowledge Amazon is your only hope. I personally feel that although pricey that had this product been easier to get a hold of it would do so much better within the UK market as we are all a little weak in the knees for French skincare brands.

Taaj Eau Micelleaire* £22.05 via Amazon - link