Osmo Silverising Shampoo

As many will know I have went from being brunette back to blonde and couldn't be happier. 
It may sound silly but I don't really feel "me" when I have dark hair despite it being my natural hue and to quote Alanis Morisette "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad" ha! 

Being a happy chappy is all well and good but I forgot just how much upkeep blonde hair is, it is drier due to all the bleaching and my hair type seems to reject bleach or any artificial substance for that matter. I can get a full head of highlights, the colour will look lovely and fresh for a week or so and all of a sudden it looks like I haven't set foot in a hairdressers in years let alone weeks! Well not this time around as I am equipped with a good few products to help keep my hair looking vibrant kicking off with Osmo Silverising Shampoo.

Osmo Silverising Shampoo is a violet shampoo that is sulphate free and essentially acts in the same way a hair toner would - it neutralises any yellow or brassy tones that blonde and silver hair can be prone to.
Basically you use it once a week (or as often as you see fit) in the same way you would a shampoo but leave it on a little longer (around 3 minutes or so) before rinsing off. Silver shampoo is one of those products you won't ever truly believe can work so well until you have tried it out for yourself. Nothing quite brings dull blonde hair back to life like a good violet based shampoo in my opinion and I thoroughly enjoy that the results are instant.

The Osmo version is good but not great it does exactly what it claims to on the tin and is a great toning product but as it is sulphate free it doesn't really lather up all that well and I find myself using more product than I would ideally like to. That I can live with but I have found that after washing my hair the moisture has been sucked out somewhat which is less than ideal on bleached hair. An okay product that does a turn but I do recommend the Fudge version over this any day and can not wait to visit my local Sally's and grab a tube or two.

Osmo Silverising Shampoo £3.99 via Sally's - link

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