Monday, July 15, 2013

Make Mine A Mojito

Bahoma Mojito Citronella Candle

My house is surrounded by greenery, in-fact my whole block is rather green which is not really something to complain about until you keep in mind that with such hedges, bushes and what not comes creepy crawlies!
Little bugs that enjoy nothing more than sinking their mean little teeth into exposed flesh. Sure you could go old school and purchase a bug swatter or use a rolled up news paper but that is a little ghetto and involves energy so instead this summer I have been burning Citronella based candles, a mojito scented one none the less!

The candle I am of course talking about is Bahoma Mojito Citronella candle, this chic candle looks great in the home and/or garden is unisex and doesn't have the typical citrus scent you may expect from a product of this nature. Rather than being lemon based in scent this has a green lime and mint scent that is fresh, oh so summery and yet has the bug busting qualities of a typical Citronella product. Win!

It is up for debate how Citronella really works, some claim it repels insects others say that the anywhere that the scent is placed becomes invisible to the flying cretins and that is how they are repelled. Truthfully I couldn't care less as long as I can sit out in the last rays of the evening sun without being pestered I am happy and this candle allows just that.

Now Bahoma could you work on a Pina Colada scent to really get this party going?

Bahoma Mojito Citronella Candle* £25.95 via Bahoma - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - While typing up this post (the candle was not lit) I was bitten by a midges. Sod's law! 

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  1. I love drinking mojitos, they're my favourite cocktails. So this would be heaven, but honestly its a waymuch for a candle at almost 30 quid

  2. Wow - sounds like a fantastic summer scent - I've only got my old Xmasey candles which are all cloves etc! It's a little expensive for my tastes but it's tempting!

    Simply Woman Magazine

  3. I would love to try! New Zealand come here hehe <3 xx.

  4. Oh! Sounds amazing ... I want it now. :( x


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