Monday, July 15, 2013

In Flight Beauty Bag Essentials

In Flight Beauty Bag Essentials

And the prize for the least organised traveler goes to...well me of course!
I'd love to be one of those well traveled women who have a lotion and potion for everything and an array of quick beauty fixes so they look nothing short of perfect when they step off a long haul.
I'm more at home chuckling through the in-flight movies and more likely to be brushing off crumbs from my travel clothes (Disney Dumbo tracksuit for the win) than applying a coat of lip gloss.
What can I say I'm just a classy broad and with that in mind i'm sure you'd love nothing more than a nosy within my travel make-up bag ha!

In Flight Beauty Bag Essentials

I board with every intention of slapping on a face mask and turning my flip down table into a travel spa but life is short and I do love a good game or two of travel connect four! Anyway should I decide to wear any make-up on Sunday morning I will be quickly wiping it off with my mini Bioderma Sensibo H20 and swiping off my eye make-up with Lancome Bi-Facial. I never quite know how my skin is going to behave so I have packed a few intensive moisturising products from a travel mini of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, Clinique's Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and Astalift Jelly. I'm thinking that I will layer on all three to prevent my skin from dehydrating and then calling it quits at that stage because a girl needs her on flight nap!

In Flight Beauty Bag Essentials

I wasn't all that sure what eye cream to take and in the end convenience won when I found a mini tube of Origins Ginzing Eye Cream this helps to brighten and hydrate the skin which is all I really need at this stage. I've also packed a tube of Selixir Balm which is a remedy for really dry skin and great for eczema, this is more for the flight home when I've seen a little too much sun and need a deeply hydrating mask that doubles up as a great hand cream...I told you I was lazy!

In Flight Beauty Bag Essentials

One thing I always remember to pack is wet wipes to freshen up my hands etc and they also come in rather handy should you spill a drink. My only necessity is a facial mist of some sort as I do get quite hot and sometimes sickly when I travel and nothing can cool and soothe quite like a quick cooling burst of water. I'm not overly fussy when it comes to facial mists and the La Roche Posay Thermal Water makes the cut purely because it is in a plastic bottle and the perfect travel size. While we are on the topic of freshening up this year I have chucked in a Le Soft solid perfume to quickly rub over my pulse points to give the impression of slight grooming.

For embarking the flight I have packed the Wild About Beauty Safari Nights Palette which is a great neutral palette with several cream products that means I can leave my brushes safely nestled within my suitcase. I will most likely pop on slick of cream blush, lipgloss and call it a day, I mean that is what sunglasses are for aren't they? I do have a mini YSL mascara rolling around in my make-up bag but we both know I'm only kidding myself there.

A classy lady I am not but I do have a ball, nana napping like a pro, gambling and watching trashy in flight TV and that's all that really matters haha!

Random Fact - A cat can produce over 100 types of sounds,but a dog can only do 10.

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  1. hahaha I laughed out loud at the connect 4 comment. I'm the same! Hope you have a great trip
    Emma x

  2. This is much more organised than I've ever been! :)
    Have a good flight and a fantastic holiday x

  3. Damn you're so organized....
    Bon voyage :)


  4. Haha I love how honest you are! I can never do the whole 'flight ritual' people seem to have! Take off makeup + cleanse + moisturize + mask etc the whole shebang.. yeah not for me!

    xo runbarbierun

  5. Every organised of you. Loves it. Have a great time! =] xx.

  6. This post reminded me that I need to get organised for going away this weekend! I dread packing my beauty bits, I just want to take everything!! I'll definitely be taking my mini Advanced Night Repair and Bioderma...will have to think about the rest ha!

    Chantelle x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  7. Great post. I do hate flying, and thankfully I'm not going too far this summer, so I'll be going with a car ... But this is really helpful if, god forbid, I have to fly somewhere! x

  8. Thank you!! This was really useful, as I fly alot, and your blog is so cool!<3 xx Peach


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